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No "winner" tonight

Bush 249 Kerry 221
68 electoral votes up for grabs.

Don't whine. Don't complain. Don't despair. Don't capitulate.

Get on the streets tomorrow. Whoever ends up as the figurehead of the U.S. needs to know how the people feel, and what they can expect our voice to be.

Sleep well.
it's over 02.Nov.2004 23:42

Bush scammed it

give it up (to Skull & Bones).

correction 02.Nov.2004 23:46


Bush 249 Kerry 225

Don't worry 03.Nov.2004 00:04


They know that you won't do anything that risks being effective.

WAR WAR WAR 03.Nov.2004 00:16

john doe


let the bombing begin

effectiveness 03.Nov.2004 04:06

easy to impugn in others, difficult to deliver oneself

Nothing's been "effective" lately, except maybe the occasional street blockade, and then only for a few hours. What's your secret formula?

Eminem didn't save us? 03.Nov.2004 09:24


And here I was hoping Eminem's music video would mobilize his pro-gay, liberal base into voting pro-gay and liberal.