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Sad about having to wake up tomorrow...

knowing the possibility of..
More of the same has come to pass. Knowing that all the people I know who voted for Bush felt his "values" were like theirs. That they felt Sadam had time to hide his weapons. That they feel "what God intends to happen will happen." That they feel the country is in trouble-and the problem started when we didn't impeach Clinton for his activities...

When did Bush become God's right hand man?
shrub 02.Nov.2004 23:33


Asscroft anoints himself with oil; generals tout that Shrub was "annointed by God" to be our pres 2000 -2004; secret prayer meetings before important decisions; the delusion that he can make no mistakes of consequence (God wouldn't let him); the new emphasis on "faith based initiatives" where millions of tax dollars are given to evangelical organizations to "help the disadvantaged"; the new 'test all kids & get them onto psychoactive drugs immediately;

How can anyone doubt that Shrub is not God's choice?

to the streets, my friends. 02.Nov.2004 23:44

this time,

to the streets!

don't change horsemen 02.Nov.2004 23:46

in the middle of the apocalypse

look on the bright side, our mad king george is the most likely to ruin the globalized economy of multinational corperations by going totally overboard in empire building. remember the last time a big hyper-aggressive nation started fighting on two fronts after pissing off the rest of the world? in the grand scope of things, it might be best for humankind this way. bad for us of course.

sad state of affairs 03.Nov.2004 00:09


Bush never had to balance a check book for crissakes,I'm just dumbfounded that people are so stupid as to vote against thier best interests. I dont know what street marches do other than provide a chance to be photographed by the law, get people mad at us or at least get a quick pepper spray inoculation but I also see it as a chance to see friends, ride a tall bike or chopper and discuss tactics this mess is getting ugly.
D the C

Bush is Going Down. Revolution is Next. 03.Nov.2004 00:48

Nick Zedd mrnickzedd

The Bush Crime Family may appear to have stolen another election but the actual winner is Kerry.
Now it is up to the people of the world to stop the fascist extremists running our government whose primary agenda is world domination.
Amerika is DEAD.
We must now unite with the rest of the world, the MAJORITY to destroy the Cheney/Bush junta.
This means Europe will unite as an economic superpower and stop the domination of the world by US multinational conglomerates.
Islamic fundamentalism will emerge as the primary opposition to US fascist hegemony and will destroy US imperialism by draining our economy in the useless Iraq occupation/fiasco.
Amerika will lose the next world war and implode in economic collapse.
Then civil war in US must replace fascist ruling class of Bush Crime family.
Pestilence, economic ruin and massive death await us.
The strong will survive.
Get guns.
Organize resistance.
Media must be destroyed.
All organized institutions of US imperialism must be obliterated for new US free country to emerge.
US under Bush is now equivalent of Germany under nazis.

US Empire will fall.

Free decentralized state must emerge.
Anarchy is next.

Get guns, supplies, organize, start cels.
US insurgency must start now to overthrow Fascist takeover of White House and Media.


the crisis in the Western elite will worsen 03.Nov.2004 05:07

hard crash

Many political leaders, newspapers in Europe, many mainstream newspapers in the US like the
NYTimes and the Washington Post, have been openly opposing Bush. They don't like his version
of Empire and they're aware that he's taking the corporate world towards Armageddon - and that
Bush/Rumsfeld really *believe* in Armageddon. And they're afraid.

How are they going to deal with the (probable) Bush victory? Say "Sorry we love you, really truly"
to the Bush regime and accept a slide towards full-blown fascism? They're going to be torn by
the difficulty in believing 2+2=5 while also knowing that there's something fishy there.

There's likely to be increasing polarisation in the elites who are going to lose even more credibility
if they switch to kissing Bush's feet, but on the other hand will have to start making fundamental
changes to global power structures if they want to restrain Bush in any way.

Maybe something unexpected will break.

In any case, it's going to be a "hard crash" Revolution in some way or another - with Kerry it could have
been a soft crash...

On the other hand, the Soviet Union lasted 70 years, so could the Bush-Cheney regime...