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DEA Agent - Proven Purjurer - Elected to State Legislature!

I view with amazement that Michael P. Spasaro has won the election for State Representative of District 11.
This recent DEA agent was disciplined substantially by the DEA for abusing the authority of his official position and then PURJURING himself during the investigation. Spasaro used DEA resources worldwide to investigate his girlfriend's (now wife) former significant other.

How can any Oregonian believe that a proven liar who would once abuse the power of his position is in any way fit to hold another position of responsibility?

I'm glad I do not live in his district, but am dismayed that my tax dollars will be paying his salary & retirement benefits while he misuses and abuses the people of this state.

Documents proving the above assertations may be viewed online at:

correction 04.Nov.2004 02:29


I was soooo glad to check the results this afternoon and see that the results for District 11 here in Oregon had changed.

At the time of my original post, Spasaro was way, way ahead of all other candidates.

I run the website that First Broke The Expose'on Him 16.Nov.2004 22:51

Chris K. Webmaster

I cant believe he Won! The Man has been a total Slimebag his total life! & Now He Wins. Mind Boggling! http://www.onlinepot.org/legal/dirtylaundry.htm Read about your newly elected public official life

OK just re read the 2nd post 16.Nov.2004 22:58

chris K.

So he did lose

Thank God!

Justice for the disabled quad that he brutally terrorised has been served!

spasaro is a fraud 15.Jan.2006 22:01

concerned father scootrpie100@hotmail.com

Linn County Sherrif

Dont forget this guy's past behavior. He was involved in some questionable marijuana cases along with a FORCED retirment. Nobody respects this bad cop from Florida and Turkey. His working ethics are terrible; lets put an end to his qwest for power.

Spasaro is a psychopath 20.Apr.2006 20:56

Oregon voter

Michael Spasaro is crazy! He has stated publicly that he thinks cleaning up the drug problem begins by busting the guy who comes home after a hard day's work and rolls a joint to relax.