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Apology To People Of Planet Earth, From All Real Americans

tonight's election results are NOT OUR FAULT.

as a people, millions of brave, good-hearted and patriotic American citizens went to the polls today - in higher turnout (60%+) than decades past - to attempt to eject the Bush Regime from power.

we were rebuffed by rigged elections and fascist oppression.
our country is populated with zombie, TV-brainwashed, predominantly Fundamentalist Christian people who worship the Bush Regime and everything they say in the corporate-controlled mass media here.

on top of this, mass electoral fraud (electronic and otherwise) plus voter intimidation was practiced by the Bush Regime to keep themselves in power this year.

we profusely and sincerely apologize for all the continued misery that will certainly be visited on the people and other living and non-living organisms of Planet Earth in the coming decades.
Continued misery that will certainly be visited on people . . . 02.Nov.2004 22:44


. . . beginning with us. I'd like to think the idiots that voted for Bush would be first to suffer or would suffer more, but unfortunately that will not be the case.

'real americans'? 02.Nov.2004 22:59

citizen cynik

...ah, yes, the 'moral' american apologizes, again trying to con the world into believing there is another, 'different' america. HAH! even the most cursory reading of u.s. history will show that our vicious empire is a totally bi-partisan affair. let's at least be honest; we're roughly 5% of the world's population and we consume somewhere between 40-45% of the world's resources. put another way, we consume the equivalent of 70 billion chinese. we can do this because we're willing to kill and steal on a planetary scale, and have done so since this country's inception. the horrors visited on the world by democrats actually exceeds that done the republicans... a pox on both their houses. the apology is cheap and easy... it lets the author pretend they're not part of the problem, but it is their taxes and obedience to the law that allows the bi-partisan empire to continue. the world should not believe a word coming out of our mouths, not until bush, kerry and their ilk are hung by the neck until dead.

how do we know? 02.Nov.2004 23:02


i certainly don't doubt anything you wrote, this administration is the most corrupt in years, but how do we know the polls/results/etc were rigged? again, i totally believe they were, i'm just looking for sources?

BIG KARMA LOAD 02.Nov.2004 23:29


in the eyes of the SANE WORLD ( most everyone but the amurcuns ) the good ol'
U S of Aholes has dug itself in deep with this move.
a recent survey of 110 countries revealed a supreme disgust for our little fascist cowboy , and now amurcuns have given this turd their blessing....?

it appears as though the arrogance of some of our fellow countrymen knows no
bounds , but we will all have to bear the consequences of their hubris.