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Fascist Voters

It appears that a majority of Amerikans want a liar and a bully representing them. Heaven help us.
It is with growing horror and dread that I watch the election results come in for the Presidency of the United States.

I was flabbergasted that Florida was "called" so quickly. Weren't there challenges . . . absentee ballots outstanding . . . touch screen machines that didn't work at all . . . touch screen machines that were incorrectly tallying votes? Remember how long it took to sort out Florida the last time? And yet this evening, the results were magically in for Bush long before other states!

And now Ohio has gone "Bush". Apparently Kerry must carry all five of the remaining states; all Bush has to do is carry one and he will smirk his way into another four years.

I know it's not all over 'til the fat lady in Hawaii sings but it doesn't look good, folks.

What went wrong??
recap 02.Nov.2004 22:29


The Bush campaign steals an election, spends 4 years profitting from it, passes legislation to make it easier, and then...

If it's any consolation, the majority of people of this country voted for Kerry. No doubt about it. The question is, what are these people willing to do to take their country back...

ahhh 02.Nov.2004 22:30


ohio has not been called. kerry is behind 2% with 15% of precints left to count, as of 10:30 our time.

excuse my denial.

Media Moving Far Too Hastily 02.Nov.2004 22:40


The media is calling Ohio for Bush, but Maggie is right. The ballots are still being counted - there is a manageable margin of error - and no one has even taken the provisional ballots into consideration yet.

I just hope that Kerry doesn't pull a Gore and concede before people have a chance to finish counting ALL of the ballots and all challenges are addressed.