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Report from Election Office

An IMC reporter was at the election office downtown and saw that there was a line of people who had yet to get their ballots.
multnomah county elections office
multnomah county elections office
According to one Portland IMC reporter, there was a long line of people waiting to get their ballots. They had registered but never received their ballot in the mail. (In Portland, ballots are all mailed in.) The polls here are only opened for another hour and half and then that's it. According to the reporter, whoever is in line at 8 pm will get there vote counted.
Absentee Ballots 02.Nov.2004 18:44


Media just talked about New Mexico and how some of the absentee ballots would not be counted until up to two weeks after the election. That's probably true in most states.

Since no one will wait that long to declare a winner, if there's anything but a dead heat, does that mean absentee voters should pretty much figure that their votes don't matter except as tie breakers?

Re: Absentee Ballots 02.Nov.2004 21:35

Mark George

"...does that mean absentee voters should pretty much figure that their votes don't matter except as tie breakers?" NO. No more than anybody should think their vote doesn't count. A vote, even if for the losing canidate, means something.

And having such a defeatist outlook is never good.

if we... 02.Nov.2004 21:52


Every vote would count equally if we had proportional representation in the electoral congress, and no one could ever say that they voted for a losing candidate because their vote regardless would go toward the percentage of electoral votes per their state for the candidate, instead of a state giving all its electoral votes to a particular candidate.

Voting is suicide 02.Nov.2004 22:16


stop pretending that sending a ballot in once a year makes you politically active. In an electoral college it is not one man one vote.

Stop pretending 02.Nov.2004 22:41


If you have voted you been suckered by the best there is into legitimizing the whole stinking system and all its crimes and excesses. Now they have the moral authority to stomp even more helpless people while you sit comfortably home sniveling about your vote.