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Dalai Lama Gives Kerry a Koan

this feels a bit like a koan. any thoughts?
Last night I dreamt that Kerry was out searching for his lost dog. He went into a large room where the Dalai Lama sat on the floor, quietly eating. The Dalai Lama did not look up from his bowl when Kerry entered. A little girl (who was previously the dog Kerry was searching for) of about the age of 2 emerged from a closet in the room. She takes a large piece of partially chewed orange from her mouth. The Dalai Lama tells Kerry, all the while concentrating on his food and not looking at him, that he must eat the orange that the child no longer wants.
Meaning of the dog 02.Nov.2004 17:51

Sirius Business

The Dalai Lama is another name for Kundun which means, "The Presence."

The two roots in the word "Kundun" are Kun and Dun.

Kun = dog, from the Greek "Kuon," which becomes the Latin "Canis," forms English "Canine."

The star Siriius is called the Dog Star, Canis Major, the brightest star.

It all refers back to the original Cain. Of Cain & Abel fame.

Dun = powerful, mighty, strong, ruler ...

Together Kun and Dun become King Cain, Mighty Cain, Powerful Cain.

The orange cain mean anything. It might refer to the sun. Which is a refernce to Surius, the Dog Star, which points back to King Cain, Kundun, whom the new ruler of USA -- if John Kerry does indeed become the new ruler -- will take his sustence from and derive his power.

So John Jerry will derive his power from King Cain.

Mighty Cain, the Dog Star.

It's as good as any interpretation. Don't you think?

The Dream 02.Nov.2004 18:38

Astro Friend

The first image is that Kerry is seeking something/someone lost. Though the dreamer may be a great dog lover, we use the term "dog" to refer to something that is not up to standard. However, what happens is that the dog has reincarnated or transformed into a young girl. This is auspicious because the child is innocent, not a dog-earred chad. The child is eating an orange, the name of a county in Florida where much went wrong. The orange is chewed up like a chad. Kerry has to finish the orange, eat it up. It would seem the dream predicts that once again the election hinges on what happens, and how it is handled, in Orange County.

I suspect the Dalai Lama's demeanor suggests that His Holiness is none too enthusiastic about Kerry but H.H. Dalai Lama nevertheless has advice. The fact that Kerry would confer with the Dalai Lama suggests that his deeper spirituality is more genuine than what we have seen with the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (obviously I cannot bring myself to give him a name.)

picky picky picky 02.Nov.2004 18:40


prg-while dreams are important just as they are and yours is particularly interesting, I don't believe Tibetan Buddhism really uses koans. They do however have quite an elaborate system of debating various points. The Japanese form of Zen Buddhism particularly the Rinzai subsect uses koans.
Having said that I think your dream means that Kerry and all politicians should pay one hell of a lot more attention to children and hunger issues. I myself have had two dreams about the Dalai Lama but he was just visiting, no important message. Keep dreamin', li'l dreamer

satori moment 02.Nov.2004 20:22

Earl of Bergamot


Here Kerry. You are forced to eat this flavorless gummed over mush already sucked dry--that not even a child could be fooled into wanting. That is your role Candidate Kerry. Chew it, swallow and force it down--and hope you don't throw up.

another: What is the sound of one vote machine laughing?

great interpretations! 02.Nov.2004 21:43

peace rebel dreaming girl

i love the multifaced componenets of dreams. it feels like all of these interpretations are viable. I really like your interpretation no all:

"all politicians should pay one hell of a lot more attention to children and hunger issues".

and yes, i know that koans are of a zen japanese nature, but i like to think of a world without borders. and somehow i get the feeling that 'his holiness' is fond of koans ;)

thanks for the feedback everyone!

tibetan buddhism does NOT use koans 02.Nov.2004 21:47


maybe you mean a mantra! Koans are unanswerable riddles used in chan and zen buddhism in china and japan, but so far as i know, not tibetan buddhism. Im a student of tibetan buddhism here in australia.