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anybody in 'safe state' want to WRECK A DIEBOLD e-vote machine and get court case rolling?

Diebold as British East India Company
Diebold as British East India Company
Think about it. Both democrats and Republicans would be up in arms. I don't care whether you are upset with the Republican or the Democratic political party, or both. Both are dependent upon rigged elections. If you choose not this election for this brave and selfless act, I suggest that someone take this into their own hands in an upcoming election.

Get everything already set. Have a laywer ready with the widely available case documents. Charge Diebold, the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party for conspiracy to commit vote fraud. It is a powerful and true statement of the tyranny that people are sleepwalking into. Wake them up with a hammer!! Throw it on the floor! I actually doubt they would want to press charges however. This is what happened with lots of Collier brother antics along similar lines believe it or not! No one wanted to start the legal machinery. That is why the legal machinery must be forced open in increasingly destructive ways. Perhaps simultaneous destructions across a single state, or multiple states at once? You have to get multiple jurisdictions in play to make it less likely that the criminals who presently run the United States can squash it.

Once it goes through the courts, hopefully open ended grand jury with supoena powers, then on the record, you could call all sorts of support from governmental, academic, and corporate witnesses.

It would get lots of media play and be a grand statement. It would be like Ghandi illegally making salt on the beaches of India to break the British salt monopoly. It would be like a real BOSTON TEA PARTY where people take democracy into their own hands to intentionally break the law to create an inflamatory context.

However, there in the end would be nothing illegal about this because the whole VoteScam would come out in the open. The Collier brothers will be avenged.

VoteScam, by known from 1970-to present: [read half the book for free, they meant the book to be used as evidence in a future court case]
Enter Site
The definitive site for information on systemic vote rigging in America.
Indispensible for research on computerized voting machine fraud,
corporate election fraud, and the role of the media in manipulating vote results.

Notable Votescam quotes:

"I don't want to get caught up in this thing!" -- Joyce Dieffenderfer, former president of the League of Women Voters, after admitting the TV networks lied about hiring the League on election night.

"You'll never prove it, now get out!" -- Elton Davis, TV network computer programmer responsible for magically "projecting" 100% accurate vote results.

"This may be the biggest vote fraud scandal ever to rock the nation!" -- Mike Wallace of "60 Minutes" upon reviewing the Votescam evidence. However, after meeting with his higher-up's, Mr. Wallace dropped the issue like a vial of Anthrax.

"When you're dealing with the networks, gentleman, you're dealing with a shadow government." -- ABC Supreme Court correspondent, Tim O'Brien, explaining why the station refused to run video taped evidence of vote fraud.

New Mexico e-Voting Machines "Fail" [if "fail" means unable to register a Kerry vote]

Two Urosevich Brothers Will Count 80% of U.S. Election; and Election Night Projections scam?

Could Associated Press (AP) Rig a VoteScam?; AP as sole source of raw vote totals for media Nov.2

E-Voting Tests Get Failing Grade & so does fraudulent 'credidation' framework
author: wired.com

Jeb Bush Keeps Flawed Felon Voter Purge List, despite warnings of inaccuracies from FL State Officials

US becomes ideal TECHNO-FASCIST state on Nov. 2: secret entry code in all individual Diebold Accuvotes

The Presidency has been HACKED, hacker covert op in place via regional Diebold tabulating machines as well
author: Tom Flocco

Journalist Requests Temporary Restraining Orders
Against Use of Voting Machines & Absentee
Ballots - Urges Use Of Remote Polling Precincts & Provisional Ballots
By Jeff Holubitsky
The Edmonton Journal


"This nation's voting system is a total sham, " says Landes. "In the upcoming election, a couple of corporations (ES&S and Diebold) with strong ties to the Republican Party will count 80% of the vote in virtual secrecy. Democratic candidates should be in federal court now protesting this insanity. It might be too late after the election.


PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Last week, freelance journalist Lynn Landes filed two Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) in federal district court in Philadelphia. Landes is one of the nation's leading journalists on voting technology and democracy issues. She is attempting to halt the use of voting machines and absentee ballots in the upcoming presidential election.

In her lawsuits, Landes says there are two legal standards for any voting process.

These standards are described in the oversight function of Federal observers under federal statute, Title 42 1973f of the United State Code, (1) "...whether persons who are entitled to vote are being permitted to vote," and (2) "...whether votes cast by persons entitled to vote are being properly tabulated."

Landes claims that the use of absentee voting and voting machines fails to meet either standard. She says that the use of absentee ballots and voting machines is effectively unobservable and therefore denies meaningful oversight by election officials, poll watchers, Federal observers, the press, and the public.

"This nation's voting system is a total sham, " says Landes. "In the upcoming election, a couple of corporations (ES&S and Diebold) with strong ties to the Republican Party will count 80% of the vote in virtual secrecy. Democratic candidates should be in federal court now protesting this insanity. It might be too late after the election.

Landes claims that elections in America are not being properly administered under the U.S. Constitution or federal law. Direct public participation and effective oversight is impossible to all intents and purposes, she says.

"It's like holding a public meeting at City Hall and then shutting out the public. Vote fraud and system failure can easily occur and remain completely undetectable. The end result is that we have no legitimate way to prove who really wins elections in this country. And the very last thing we should do is to trust the corporate media and their polling organizations to tell us what's going on," she warns.

Originally, Landes filed two Complaints in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on July 2, 2004. However, since the presidential election was fast approaching, Landes decided to also file TROs. The District Court ruled immediately against Landes on the issue of absentee ballots. On Friday, Oct. 15th, she filed an appeal to that decision in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The TRO filed against the use of voting machines has yet to be scheduled.

In her appeal to the Third Circuit, Landes suggests the establishment of remote polling precincts for absentee voters. She says that remote precincts can be set up at municipal buildings and college campuses across the country, as well as at embassies, consulates, overseas military bases, and onboard military ships. The use of a universal ballot for president and vice president would be a practical remedy for those two races. Landes sees a logistical nightmare if other races were included, however.

"If there isn't sufficient time for these remedies to be put into place, the Supreme Court should order a delay of the election for no more than 30 days," says Landes. "This is not a perfect solution, but at least it would be legal."

See Landes lawsuit filings at:  http://www.ecotalk.org/VotingSecurity.htm

Contact: Lynn Landes
(215) 629-3553
0 02.Nov.2004 17:31


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