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government selection 2004

KGW.com lists election results early !

KGW has election results for serveral races oin their website...
I'm assuming this must be an issue with the database info from the last election perhaps, but KGW.com is listing election results for most of the state house races in oregon.

 link to www.kgw.com

Click on any of the house races (for example):

 link to www.kgw.com


Diane Rosenbaum X 4,244 45%
Susan Detlefsen 670 7%
Charles Fall 3,773 40%
Ron Morgan 631 6%

How are they getting this data? The polls do not close until 8:00pm !!!
You call these results? 02.Nov.2004 17:09

Pink Emma

Not sure what you're seeing, but what I'm seeing, for each race I opened at this KGW site, was a *place* to put the results when they come in. Each one presently shows: Percent of the vote counted: 0%

Looks to me like they just set up the pages in advance, the results to follow when available.

Though I'm sure there'll be plenty to get het up about later!

Hmm ... on second thought ... 02.Nov.2004 17:13

Pink Emma

Hey, I spoke to soon! You're right, jbk. I had just done a quick spot check - Pres, Senate, Secretary of State, Measure 36 - all of which showed:

"Percent of the vote counted: 0%"

But yes, those House District races for State Reps are showing results. Weird!

A Roller Coaster Ride 17.May.2006 08:50

Kevin Olds ryanolds4rep@yahoo.com

We held a Primary Party for Ryan Olds, HD 51 representative candidate last night and were so excited at 7:50ish as we logged on to KGW and found such fast results-----the crowd saw them on the big screen, cheered, and many began to call it an early night. We won, easily!! After the cheers calmed down, quiet overcame the crowd and the question "how could that be?" began to surface. We started searching and no station had any results yet. A little later, Ryan was up by only 6 votes. Up until midnight, it was one of the closes races in Oregon. According to websites the morning of the 17th, it is still within 60 votes. But Ryan has won. YEA. I am unsure what those numbers were on KGW website that caused a "premature" excitement. However, I am thankful that folks who went to bed thinking we won, woke up with us winning, although barely. KGW, thanks for the wild ride!