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Kerry Ahead in Early Exit Poll Numbers !

here are the 2:00pm NEP numbers from exit polling...
These are the early (2:00pm) exit poll numbers from the NEP as leaked to  http://dailykos.com/ and drudgereport.com - NEP is a group (called VNS in 2000) that works for the national TV networks and AP and they basically stand outside the polls and ask people who they voted for. The numbers are not usually 100% correct, but it's a nice sign for PA and OH where Kerry was not expected to do as well as these numbers seem to indicate.

Kerry 45 48 42 60 52 51 51 50 58 52 49 57
Bush 55 51 57 40 48 48 47 48 40 43 49 41
shocking... 02.Nov.2004 13:26


Who would have thought more people would try to vote for Kerry? Oh, that's right, anyone who has paid attention. The question is, whose votes are going to be counted, and whether the contradictions with the exit polling will matter to anyone this time around (in 2000 and 2002 they said the polling was wrong, not the vote counts, and we all know who that benefited).

Stock Markets down because Kerry leads Bush in Ohio 02.Nov.2004 13:33

you and me


U.S. stocks reversed course suddenly on Tuesday and drifted lower as chatter on the Internet speculated that early exit polls had Sen. John Kerry leading the presidential election in key swing states.

"What we are hearing is that there is some feedback coming back from Ohio, that there could be a closer outcome out there or John Kerry could even potentially win that state," said Evan Olsen, head of equity trading at Stephens Inc.

What exit poll? 02.Nov.2004 14:30


I would like anyone who has ever been polled at any voting location anywhere to please respond here. I have never seen anyone anywhere conducting exit polls. After reading Votescam, I am very suspicious of these claims by election service companies. Where are the exit polls done and to whom do they report the results?

yeah, read the votescam free chapters! 02.Nov.2004 14:50

media watcher

yeah, read the votescam free chapters! and think about emotional manipulation of this: the corporate media reporting like this on "exit polls" (what exit polls who did them? why trust the corporate media after two fake war hypes in 3 years?]. I would assume the worst until you know better: and the worst is that it would be a Republican dominated media design to dissuade lefties from voting since they are told by the Republican biased media that 'Kerry is ahead,' thus that will lead to voter dropoff, and will cause more Bush people to come to the polls.

VoteScam, known from 1970-to present:


Enter Site
The definitive site for information on systemic vote rigging in America.
Indispensible for research on computerized voting machine fraud,
corporate election fraud, and the role of the media in manipulating vote results.


6pm exit polls 02.Nov.2004 16:00


these are from the same site listed in the main article, updated at 6pm EST.

Kerry Bush

PA 53 46
FL 51 49
NC 48 52
OH 51 49
MO 46 54
AK 47 53
MI 51 47
NM 50 49
LA 43 56
CO 48 51
AZ 45 55
MN 54 44
WI 52 47
IA 49 49

If these are even close, kerry walks all over bush.

And wait until you hit CA . . . . 02.Nov.2004 16:23


CA has given more money to Kerry than any state has to any presidential candidate in history.

Money talks.

"leaked to http://dailykos.com/ and drudgereport.com.." 02.Nov.2004 18:28


1.  http://dailykos.com/ is the site of an "ex-US Army" military guy (there's even a picture of him in uniform there, who claims to work in the tech industry presently, without saying exactly in what capacity, though he says it is in San Francisco.

2. Drudge report is notorious for, well, being useless!
see a later comment concerning Drudge's so-called reliability: seems closer to a fed disinfo operation involved in scamming about Pentagon plane hit on 9-11, among other things...:

I am even more resolute to stick with my belief that the worst is definintely happening right before our eyes. Definitely keep voting. Do not let up. Call people you expect could still be swayed. We have got to make the very "opensource vote machine" we have very difficult to rig with larger totals...