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Election Greetings from Emma Goldwoman

Another rant about organized male violence.
Election Day Greetings
by emma goldwoman

So, now that this charade is finally ending, what have we accomplished? Nothing. No movement. And this is the reason: We are not focusing on the basis of our problem: organized male violence. Until the movement is based upon a new foundation, the foundation of conflict resolution through communication, nothing much will change.

This means a rejection of the use of organized male violence to resolve conflict.

The historic mission of the biggest oppressed and misrepresented class, women of the world, is to bring into question a social order currently based on organized male violence.

The activist male who wishes to go straight towards the revolutionary goal, will by simple honesty see the necessity to do HIS part to awaken this sleeping giant, by paying attention and waking himself up to reality. Do you, a male, wish to continue supporting organized male violence? No? Then, join the movement, join women, and together look at the reality that organized male violence, war and the legal system, is at the root of our problems.

Women are sleeping because they have not found the basis of their solidarity, and that basis is a recognition that organized male violence will always be used to keep women subservient and without the power that their numbers should merit.

The election has shown us the theatre of preening men, displaying for the whole world like roosters in a barnyard, and expecting us to watch the show like hens. And find a good strong male to support.

But I for one claim the full rights of my animal heritage, a heritage far more subtle and profound than a chicken's brain. I claim the power to reason and observe and my innate sense of justice. And I declare to the world that this society based upon organized male violence is irrational and injust. I have no need for men to protect me, I know that men are more likely to hurt me, and all protection comes with the price of my freedom.

I say, enough of the spectacle of violent death. That is no way to decide conflicts between human beings.

How does it work? That must be our question if humanity is to survive. How does the system of organized violence work?

Watch the court system. The military system. The prison system. Watch them interact with the economic system. Observe the way hierarchy forms, like a crystal forming. Observe the way hierachy crystallizes an implied resort to organized male violence, if disagreement occurs.

We need poets expressing the stages of organized male violence, linguists pinpointing the language which always provides the music to the slaughter. The justifications. The supposed necessity of it all. We need historians reexamining the past in terms of the 10,000 years of organized male violence. We need philosophers laying bare all our assumptions about violence, and showing how philosophy has been a slave to violence, an enabling slave. We need activists who help others open their eyes to the system of organized violence, and what relying on that system means for the world.

This election means nothing. Please, listen to what I say. Vote for my idea. Give it a chance. Play with it. Talk about it. Look with it in your mind. If you do this, I'm sure you will see what I'm talking about.

emma goldwoman

I agree, but... 02.Nov.2004 14:47


Male violence isn't the basis of our problem. Hierarchy is the basis of our problem, and organized male violence is a mere symptom of it. Not to say that we don't need to address it.

No, honey, you disagree 02.Nov.2004 22:59


And you know it, too.

You state direct disagreement with Emma's one and repeated argument : male violence.

Wish you'd post more, Emma 05.Nov.2004 15:49


I like your radical style.