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Scotland officials reconsider porn as hate speech against women

Humanity is slowly evolving past the acceptance of woman-abuse and indignity as a form of men's entertainment, but it is evolving nonetheless

MSPs back pornography ban calls

A committee of MSPs has backed a call to ban adult pornography in Scotland.

The Equal Opportunities Committee supported a petition claiming links between porn and sexual crimes and violence against women and children. The document from Scottish Women Against Pornography urges parliament to define such material as incitement to sexual hatred and make it an offence.

The committee looks set to launch a inquiry after claiming that the issue has been ignored for too long. However, any official probe would be subject to gaining further information and agreeing a remit with parliament.

Committee members acknowledged the potential difficulties of defining a law to introduce a ban on the porn industry but hoped it would be similar to that of incitement to racial hatred.

Labour's Elaine Smith led calls for an inquiry into the "big business" of pornography.

She said: "I think that since studies do exist showing the harmful effects they should signal to us the precautionary principle and they should be doing further research into it. I don't think we can ignore it any longer."

Fellow Labour committee member Marlyn Glen added: "It seems to me that the safety of women should be a real priority of the executive and the parliament and what we need is the political will to push that through."

The Scottish National Party's Sandra White, Green MSP Shona Baird and the Scottish Socialist Party's Frances Curran also backed an inquiry.

'Wealth of evidence'

Catherine Harper, of Scottish Women Against Pornography, said she was encouraged by the political support for the campaign.

She conceded that any legislation could take time but parliament needed to hear the "wealth of evidence" on the links between pornography and sexual violence.

Ms Harper went on: "I have high expectations. It was very, very encouraging to see the consensus of the committee that we need to look at this."

In May, the Scottish Executive said that its review of existing research had shown that for every study purporting to demonstrate a harmful link between the consumption of pornography, there was another which rejected the idea.

As such, it claims that establishing links between all pornography and abuse is a complex issue.

A spokeswoman said: "We have reviewed the relevant literature but believe that the relationship between the two remains unclear.

"While we have no plans to legislate we will, of course, continue to monitor the situation."

prohibition doesn't work 02.Nov.2004 12:56


I can sympathize with some of the views expressed here, but banning pornography would be about as effective as the American experiment of banning alcohol in the late 1920s. It would simply go underground, become a lot more violent and degrading, and make a lot of sleazy people rich. And, of course, give the government a great excuse to increase the size and scope of police activity.

If there's a demand for something like porn or alcohol, the most effective tactic would be to work to reduce the demand. However, I believe that it is very important to protect the women involved in the industry from abuse.

a start 02.Nov.2004 13:34


Isn't that extortion, the idea that if men don't have easy access to view women abused via prostitution films then they'll just do it anyway but with even more raping and abusing of women?

What if when laws against child labor were proposed businesses said, "Yeah, well, you try and take away our child slaves and we'll beat them and work them even worse and it will be your fault we did it"? Would it have been rational to give in to the demands of unscrupulous child-slaving criminals until such time as THEY were ready to willingly give up violently exploiting the labor of others to the tune of millions?

"If there's a demand for something like porn or alcohol, the most effective tactic would be to work to reduce the demand. However, I believe that it is very important to protect the women involved in the industry from abuse."

I see that you recognize it's not an either/or situation and that it's gonna take many different approaches to stem the endemic violence and human rights violations of prostitution and its most profitable product, pornography.

ha! 02.Nov.2004 14:29


I'm reminded of what william s burroughs said about the easiest way to control a society.

1. make everyone very horny
2. through indoctrination, make sex hard to obtain

I think he had a third point about then using advertising to feed off the resulting mass horniness, I'm not sure.

Another classic for the State. Up here in Canada we had a prime minister who said "the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation". but he did nothing about some pretty restrictive laws. that's the State for ya.

this isn't to say 02.Nov.2004 14:32


that there's not some fucked-up shit being done by the big bosses of the porn industry. but perhaps the problem here has to do with something being a mass-production business.

listen to the femicidal man 08.Nov.2004 12:58


Burroughs was the beatnik drug addict that shot his female partner's head off in Mexico and went unpunished for the deed, right?

Great source for feminist theory.

A weak link. 08.Dec.2004 18:04


After spending a semestar researching the relationship between pornography and sexual crimes, I have found several interesting things...

1) In a stupid done at Queen College (Howard Barabee and William Marshell), almost all of the test subjects, when hearing about or watching a women forcibly having sex, their arousal decreased my 50% (a blood flow loss of 50% mean penetration is not possbile).

I have also found many many articles, journals, and other sources that have proved the weak if any direct link between porn and sexual violence.
What about the crazy people? Most serial rapists had sexually repressed and sexually uneducated childhoods that significantly altered their emotion stability.

As rape is not some isolated incident that happens, people need to look at all the influenes. Porn, in some cases, may contribute. But in most cases I have found, through my research, it does not.

We need to change the structure of our society before we can significantly decrease sexual crimes. For instance: If we castrated repeat offenders (yes women can be castrated too), then I'm sure that sex crimes would decrease REALLY fast! Something to think about.

Please use this information to do research and form your own opinion on how this should be looked at!
Thank you for your time!

what we see affects us; in other news water wet 11.Jan.2005 09:09


If rape didn't turn men on then a lot of porn would look a lot different. How many millions of hits do you think you'll get if you google "rape porn"? England has had a surge in rape the past few years, especially rape using drugs to knock victims unconcious.

"But in most cases I have found, through my research, it does not."

What the fuck are you looking at, Playboy Magazine? Child rapists caught by police have huge stockpiles of child porn in their homes, and the two things cops know almost all serial killers have in common is they're male and they admit to copious usage of violent pornography. I don't care if the chicken or egg came first and I don't care if men raped women for centuries before pornography routinely celebrated the humiliation and degradation of women, it's a positive feedback loop that reinforces the original signal and "Ripped Wide Cumstuffed Cunts" ain't a part of the solution, therefore...

If you think physical mutilation is the key to ending the epidemic levels of rape and sexual assaults in America then you're either taking classes at the School of the Americas or are a surprisingly stupid student of sexual violence (if that's even true and you're not just trying to protect the holy right to finger fuck yourself with mass produced videos).