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KBOO Morning news Story List 11/2/04

What did we miss this morning?
Chris Andreae produced the news today.
Listen all night tonight, from 5pm to at least 10 as we report live from the parties and on the streets!
ElectionDay! It's E;Election Day! All Hail Election
Day! B-b-but what's going to happen between now and
the inauguration?

1.Oregon Votes.
2. FSRN: Get Out the Vote
3. Federal Court Clears the Way for the GOP to
Challenge Voters in Ohio.
4. FSRN: Nevada Votes
5. Legislators Probe Wal-Mart 'associates' Health
6. Supreme Court Considers Standards in Death Penalty
7. Federal Prosecutors to be More Selective on
Immigration Cases
8. National Guard Shifts Marketing Strategies
9. CDRW: Iraq Update
10.US Spends Fraction of Promised Funds on Rebuilding
11.Overview of the Weekend's Election Results in South
12.Car Bombs and Kidnappers in Iraq
13.N. Korea, Iran respond to Challenge from the UN
14.Darfur: Government Forces Surround Refugee Camps
15.Chinese-Muslim Riots in Central China
16.Dutch Filmmaker Who Criticized Islam Slain in
17.CDRW: Liberia
18.Bin Laden Lauds Cost of War to US

Coming up tomorrow: Gardening tips from the

Farmers in India love Coke - they use it as a
pesticide - and they say it works great!

Chris Andreae

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Good commentary this morning 02.Nov.2004 12:30


I was forced to switch to KBOO this morning when OPB tried to nail me with the Washington Redskins/voting superstition story for the dozenth time. Some pretty good talkin' 'bout the issues this morn'. One elderly lady called in to the talk show (can't remember the hosts' names) and said she wrote in Osama for president. Funny stuff--risky, but funny. One of the hosts on that show mentioned that no matter how one feels about the war in Iraq, or war in general, that it must be admitted that Rumsfeld's method for war fighting has been a failure. I hate to say, but everything considered, I think that for them the "long hard slog" has been a success which fulfilled many of the objectives.