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please post any and all parties you know about.
I just know of a couple: Rock the Vote's at Bossanova, and the PGP's at Redwing. Please fill in the gaps. Thanks. Jai.
gathering @ powells 02.Nov.2004 10:39


the bbc will be airing live @ the cafe in powells on burnside for the election tonight...can't say if it will be a party per se, but just mentioning it

Freedom Socialist Victory Party 02.Nov.2004 10:43

Joe Stalin

Join the Freedom Socialist Victory Party at Sir Loins on Sandy in NE.

#12 (Sandy) Bus Right before 82nd Ave.

Parties on Election Night 02.Nov.2004 10:55

Patrik Angstrom Poore pmnews@kboo.org

There are a billion!

Francesconi's Party is at Madison's on 12th and Madison
Potter Party is at Melody Ballroom in SE
the Socialists will be having theirs at redwing with the PGP
Crash the republican's party at the Mariott
No on 36, Sam adams, and Carry oregon are at the convention center - and a few others, too, like the tillamook forest initiative
the mercury is having a party at doug fir
Kitzhaber will be at the holocene party around 830 pm
Visit the OMA and bring them a medically approved spliff (they oppose medical dispensaries and approve of litigation caps) out in beaverton 5210 SW Corbett from 7 to 9
the libertarian party will be talking about flat taxes and polyamory at 12602 SW Farmington road at 5pm
Opposers of the initiative to make SAIF illegal will be at the hotel vintage plaza.

listen to kboo tonight starting at 5 pm for election coverage from all of these places!!!

20 SE 8th

Where is Redwing? 02.Nov.2004 11:29


Where is Redwing?

Redwing... 02.Nov.2004 11:52

PDX collectivist

...is a worker-owned and run cafe/coffee roaster on SE 6th & Market. That's two blocks south of Hawthorne, near the big County building. If you've ever had a coffee at the Red & Black, you've tasted Redwing Coffee. They've got delicious pastries and food (much of it vegan), including tempeh made from scratch. If you don't like corporate capitalism, and want to help support new ways of doing business (with No Bosses!), Redwing is one of a dozen or so worker-owned/run businesses in town. It makes sense that the Pacific Green Party would choose one of these businesses for their event.

non-voter party? 02.Nov.2004 11:56


Anybody know any parties for anarchists and non-voters??



disenfranchised? disillusioned? disgusted? DANCE PARTY!
with DJs Yeah Yeah and Yaga @ the Goodfoot tonight, till late!
28th & SE stark (sorry, 21+)

Non Voter Party 02.Nov.2004 13:01

great idea!!!!!

how about all us non voters get together and celebrate!

we can declare victory that discrimination and bigotry has been added to our state constitution because measure 36 was passed!!

we can celebrate another victory for big timber because the tillamook 50/50 was defeated!!! anarchists don't care about trees anyway.

can't wait to clink glasses and toast to our failing education system after the multnomah tax is repealed.

and SAIF... who needed it anyway? anarchists sure don't

yes, not voting is a great idea. i'd love to celebrate with you, BUT I VOTED ON ALL OF THESE BALLOT MEASURES. Whoops, silly me.

Don't worry 02.Nov.2004 16:25



Don't worry, the anarchists did too . . . they watch TV like everyone else, got sucked into the hype, like everyone else, got scared of Bush, like everyone else.

Party Tomorrow! 02.Nov.2004 16:54

Lucy Parsons

Voters and non-voters alike (with anarchists of both ilks) are invited to the South Park Blocks at 3pm and Pioneer Square at 5pm! Have fun and let the president-to-be know that we hate his war-mongering talk -- whether his name is "George" or "John."