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imperialism & war selection 2004

Photo of my ballot for Oregon Democrats to see

A year ago i wasn't all that interested if Ralph Nader ran for President or not, even though i helped campaign for him in 2000. Then, over the course of 2004, as Oregon Democrats worked so hard to keep him off the ballot, i got more and more pissed off, and found myself supporting him.
Here's a photo of my ballot, showing that i WROTE IN Ralph, and DID NOT VOTE FOR BRADBURY or any other Democrat. Bradbury was such a disingenous fuck when he coyly claimed to just be upholding the law when he threw Ralph off the ballot. What a bucket of shit. So i voted against him.

i feel good about all these votes. i vowed in 2000, at the protests against the Democrats in LA, to never vote for one again. i've kept that promise (except for Kucinich in the primaries, a vote i now almost regret due to his capitulation), and it hasn't been hard. There've been so few good ones running for anything anywhere. Cynthia McKinney in Georgia is the only one i can think of who actually excites me.

Anyway, i've included this photo because i know that the Democrats' efforts to keep Ralph off the ballot pissed many people off, and i wanted to remind them of what they did.
looks similar to mine 02.Nov.2004 01:45


I voted Ralph Nader for Secretary of State.

same here, except... 02.Nov.2004 02:06

Jubin Rahatzad jubinrahatzad@hotmail.com

Nader/Camejo all the way! The only Democrat I voted for was David Wu, because I absolutely detest Goli Ameri. I feel it a personal responsibility to show that not all Iranian Americans support Ameri just because she is Iranian. Plus, David Wu did vote against the patriot act, which helps me feel better in voting for him and against the crazy Republican. I am Iranian American and must state on this website that the Willamette Week made a reference to how the Iranian community in Portland was behind Ameri, well I can tell you that my entire family and Iranian friends are not. Let it be known.
Nader/Camejo 2004!
And yes it was sad to witness Nader not make the Oregon ballot, especially since I campaigned for him in Connecticut and Oregon this year. The Democrats in Oregon are more shameful than the Democrats in Connecticut. The truth about our corrupt political process will be known one day, thanks to people like Nader and his supporters.

i know who to blame 02.Nov.2004 03:28


when abortion is banned and Christianity becomes the official religion
of the state. Do I think Kerry is the best answer? No. But sometimes
you need to be a realist and go with the lesser of two evils.

Blame Your Own Party, "realist"... 02.Nov.2004 06:37

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...For being a bunch of pathetic, opportunistic cowards unable to fight any battle other than that against the weakest target they could find. Blame yourself for being too weak to make any attempt to hold them accountable. Better yet, take your blame game and cram it where the sun doesn't shine.

I wrote in Nader and voted Libertarian for S.O.S. Probably the first and last time I will ever vote Libertarian for anything. I'm just that furious with Bradbury. Kucinich was still desperately trying to get his one-time fans like me back into the fold for a pro-war candidate right up to the eleventh hour. So much for "courage."

What a fucking crock of shit.

I think it will be a cold day in Hell before I ever trust any Democrat with my vote again.

It's good that you voted. 02.Nov.2004 08:03

Hal E. Burton

I'm glad that you cast a ballot.

Some people vote rationally.

Some people vote emotionally.

Nonetheless, it's good that you voted.

Thank you for your vote. 02.Nov.2004 08:13

Teresa Keane

I saw that you voted Pacific Green for U.S. Senate. Thank you so much for your vote.

To I Know Who to Blame 02.Nov.2004 09:28

i know for whom the bell tolls

How about blaming those who support the ban on abortion and Christianity becomming the official religion of the state? There's plenty of them!! We don't see too many of them in Portland, but they are here and everywhere else. If liberals would get off their duff and do some organizing instead of waiting for a crisis (like Bush) they might actually accomplish something, rather than hollering that the radicals can't support this lame candidate.

I caved and voted for Kerry, while moaning loudly. (I did write in Nader as SOS). However, I am not sure I did the right thing, and I heartily support those of you who didn't vote for Kerry.

I voted for Cobb and feel great! 02.Nov.2004 10:01

Brian Setzler

I voted for Keane as well and didn't vote for Bradbury either.

To all those in fear of George Bush, relax, Kerry is going to win Oregon so you can vote for who you want.

My ballot looks similar 02.Nov.2004 10:22


This is the first national election I've participated in. I was so proud to vote for Nader. I still can't stop smiling about it.

HAAAHAHA! I did the same thing! 02.Nov.2004 10:31


Yes! I wrote Ralph in for prez and for secretary of state as well. And for the same reason. Fuck Bradbury! and ha! I also voted for Wu. I wasn't going to: I have worked with women who were victimized by men, and I felt that I could not vote for a man who had done such a thing. However, I became so completely disgusted by Goli Ameri's blatant attempts to use that awful incident for her own advantage when it was so clear that she did not care about the victim, and I was so grossed out by the Oregonian's Hearst-esque tactics, that I voted for Wu in the end anyway.

For the record, I also wrote in Fred Hampton for Sheriff.

By the way, Hal and Realist, I believe I cast the only vote that actually WILL count. That is, I wrote Nader in for President. This election has already been decided in back room deals and diebold boardrooms. Voting for Kerry over Bush isn't going to change anything. I know, that's hard to hear, and I do not blame you for continuing to believe in Kerry. But this is how it is.

Yes, I would rather see Kerry win than Bush. Not because he would be much different, but he would be a little less bad. He would be better for the forests, I think, if not for the people of Iraq. But he supports war, he keeps mouthing the words, "hunt them down and kill them" until I want to choke him, and he belongs to money in the way all politicians who get that far belong to money. What is worse, he will put the liberals back to sleep, because they will believe he means well no matter what he does. He will be their man.

I agree with you, Realist, that it would suck to see Bush back tomorrow. It would really, really suck. It sends the embarrassing and dangerous word to the rest of the world that we don't care -- that we don't care that 100,000 people died in Iraq for nothing, that we don't care that the earth is on the brink of WWIII, that we don't care that a threatening moron is leading us over the cliff. So you see, I do understand.

But I cannot vote for Kerry. This was an agonizing decision that I did not take lightly. But in the end, the only vote that matters is the one I cast for Nader. He's the only candidate telling the truth, the only one who has stood tirelessly against the machine all this time, and the only one to be continually silenced by the wheels of AmeriCorp. Those who have denigrated him have not listened to him, and have not listened to themselves. No, he cannot win the whitehouse, because he stands against everything the whitehouse has been bought and sold by. But neither can the rest of us win if we turn our backs on the only person who is really standing for what we say we believe in. My vote for Nader, if nothing else, is a clear call to the corrupt and sinking Democratic party that selling out to the rhetoric of the right is no way to win. They've gotten away with that for way too long.

I've Voted Kerry And Am Not Ashamed 02.Nov.2004 11:02

Mistletoe Angel

I've voted Kerry, while I voted Teresa Keane for Senate and a Freedom Socialist in another district for I believe though it is necessary Kerry be elected to out a worser Bush, third party alternates need to be given room to grow and am proud of my other votes as well.

Now...you can all start throwing all the slander, libel, names, and tantrums you want at me, you can bazooka me with all that "pathetic, opportunistic coward", "crock of shit", "fascist" jargon, but none of that is going to change a single thing and soon you'll find when you're alone that it is necessary to build communities and bridges between one another instead of forming a fjord between us.

I defend my vote, I defend my conscience, and that's all I have to say.

Noah Eaton

Nader 2004 02.Nov.2004 11:14

nader girl

i wrote in nader's name from prez but did not think to write him in for secretary of state - great f'in idea! i voted 0 demoscats, 0 repulsicons, and one green for keane.

i am so proud of all my nader comrades, for doin the right thing!

. 02.Nov.2004 11:21


It is Kerry who is the fascist, not the people who see through his facade

just a clarification 02.Nov.2004 11:31


I've been increasingly catching myself to distinguish between the democrat politicians and leadership from those who are registered democrats, or those who vote for democrats. Alsis is right on in her critique of the democrat politicians and leadership. They could have stopped any and all of Bush's policies over the past 4 years and *chose* not to. For this they deserve to be criticized; for this they will lose support. However, I also support those who chose to vote for Kerry and those who chose not to. None of these people are going to save us. I also don't think Kerry is going to make progressive change any easier than Bush. At one time I had seriously considered that but now I feel that the democrats will continue to fight against progressive change as they have for the past 2 decades. Ultimately, I hope those who support Kerry will work hard to continue to fight the DLC and DNC and relegate neo-liberalism to the same dustbin as neo-conservatism.

har har 02.Nov.2004 11:39


I didn't vote for Kerry, but didn't waste my vote on Nader or Cobb either. I wrote in "none of the above". If any Kerry supporters chose to blame me for Kerry losing, perhaps they should look within themselves. Senseless hero worship is far from rational, and supporting coke vs. pepsi or blazers vs. lakers is nothing more than an attempt to create meaning in one's life through arbitrary identification. Politicians are assholes and voters enable them to do great harm.

no shame 02.Nov.2004 11:42

citi zen

Good people chose to vote for Kerry.

Good people chose to vote for Cobb.

Good people chose to vote for Nader.

Good people chose to vote for Badnarik.

There are probably even be good people who voted for Bush or Peroutka (though I don't know any personally).

We must remember that respect for democracy is a fundamental aspect of democracy. No one needs to defend the exercising of their constitutional right to vote from anyone else. And those who critique others for their choices may want to reflect on the nature of democracy.

I'm off to help people deal with flooding; it is interesting that people can pull together to support one another in dealing with troubles but not to celebrate the democratic process, as flawed as it may be right now in this country.

Peace 02.Nov.2004 11:47


Hey, don't be talking shit about Dennis Kucinich. We must work together to take back the democratic party from the facists. Once we get Dennis or a decent dem we get instant runoff voting, and finally put an end to all the Nader/other third party bashing. Isn't it amazing that the election in Afghanistan was instant runoff? Are they a more evolved democracy than the US? Apparently so, our politicians have never heard of it I guess.

First we take back the country from Bush, then we take back the democratic party from Kerry. OK?

I'm thinking there will probably be a movement to recall Kerry shorty after he is elected. Just think about it, these repubs are so partisan they will surely turn against the war after it becomes Kerry's war.

of course 02.Nov.2004 12:01

stating the obvious

"these repubs are so partisan they will surely turn against the war after it becomes Kerry's war."

Just as many "dems" will be for the war once it becomes Kerry's war. Let's be clear that there are many partisans in this country, and none are to be trusted.

As for IRV, I can guarantee that the democratic leadership (*) will never, ever, support IRV. The democratic politicians (*) will never, ever, support Kucinich. They even sabotaged Dean, a centrist, because of his critique of the DLC, the war, and wanting a more even handed approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Never forget that the Kerry campaign strongly attacked Nader and weakly attacked Bush. They kept Nader off ballots and got Bush on ballots. While Nader called for Bush to be impeached, Kerry went on vacation. When Cobb and Badnarik got arrested at the debates, Kerry talked about killing "the terrorists". For those that oppose Bush and his policies the democrats in congress have not been allies as they have enabled every single Bush policy to pass. That's not to say I disagree with those voting for Kerry. But I want people to be truthful about where we stand, and where the politicians stand.

(*) I was going to write democrats but after reading the post above I realized that that would be false. Many democrats, self-identified, registered, etc, did support Dean and do support IRV. But the institution that is the democratic party, the DLC, DNC, politicians, lobbyists, corporate backers, etc, will never support these things, in my opinion, which, of course, could be wrong.

Will We All Be Able To Work Together Towards IRV ? 02.Nov.2004 12:12

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Or will well-meaning Democratic voters and Leftist hired guns decide that it's "just not the right time" for it ?

I would like to be hopeful, but it's not easy. Mostly I consider that my hopes for some kind of bridge-building have been exploited by men like Kucinich and Bradbury. In Kucinich's case, I don't consider it necessarily malevolent. He had Nader's fate as an obvious example of what would happen to his political career if he angered the Party machine, especially an election year. But, really, I believe to my heart that the Democratic Party is rotten all the way through. Who wants to build a bridge made of something rotten ? Who wants to build a bridge to a gated community where the gate is opened once every 2-4 years, only to be slammed shut in the people's face the rest of the time ? Pointless.

As for Noah's smug assertion that I should fear "being alone," well... whatever. Even 1/2 of 1% of voters would be a huge number of people, hardly "alone." Every right we have ever had as a nation had its seeds planted and nurtured by someone who was unafraid to be alone.

Let's Play Nicely! 02.Nov.2004 13:23

a voter

Before we let the discourse here get too acrimonious, let us all be proud and thankful that we WERE able to vote! Congratulations on your participation!

Whoever you chose to vote for, and for what reasons, that is important - but the most important event was that you voted! This is looking to be one of the biggest turnouts for an election for the last couple of decades, and I personally think that this is FANTASTIC!

In most cases, each of us was able to make up our own mind, and usually had a choice between more than 2 candidates. Unfortunately here in Multnomah county there were a number of positions where only the incumbent (often a judge position) was the only candidate. That sucks!

However this election turns out we must now be mature and work as hard to set aside our differences (where possible) and reach out to others so we can all work together, as we did to express our particular point of view of the candidates. We cannot allow our disagreements - however passionate - to keep this state and nation in its current divided condition.

This has been one of the most partisan, divisive election cycles I have seen in the 40 years I have been interested in elections. I hope that we don't go the way of some of other countries, where internal divisions lead to civil fracture.

Proud of my vote for Nader 02.Nov.2004 14:15


I wrote in Ralph Nader for president and feel very good about it and feel much less alone in that choice because of the responses here. I also voted for Richard Morley, a Libertarian, for Secretary of State, not because I am partial to Libertarians, but because Mr. Morley stated that he would make the SOS office non partisan. I think that is extremely important. If you look around the country, you see Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State blocking ballot access for Nader and other third party and independent candidates. I also voted Keane for Senate. She is a strong and principled candidate. What I like to imagine is a day when everyone votes their conscience. What a message that would send! Even if the media, the election officials, the voting machine companies et al, scammed the hell out of the election, they would first see that the mandate in this country is for more choice in our electoral process. I am happy that many have mentioned Instant Runoff, as that is a good way to create a bridge to a new healthier electoral process.

To Let's Play Nicely! 02.Nov.2004 16:00

Pink Emma

Before you get too "proud and thankful that we WERE able to vote," ask yourself:
Will our votes be counted?
Will *all* our votes be counted?
Voting is meaningless if our votes are not counted.