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Is green power from PGE really clean? Comments please ...

In which the author relates his frustrations in trying to find some green(er) power.
Anyone have any comments regarding PGE's renewable energy programs? I've been meaning to look into this for some time and only recently got around to it. They buy from Green Mountain Energy Company. See  http://www.portlandgeneral.com/home/products/renewable_power/default.asp

But then I found this website:  http://www.boycottgreenmountain.com/
It raises many red flags for me, but it hasn't been updated in four years. It says things like: the folks running/owning the company are well-connected folks from the oil industry that are major Bush supporters, that Green Mountain uses arbitrary and misleading definitions of 'renewable' power to include things such as incinerators, and that the company is partially owned by BP Amoco and other major polluters.

The company is headquartered in Austin, TX, but something tells me they have some friends in Houston.  http://www.greenmountain.com/

Of course the best thing to do is to reduce our electric bill. We've replaced maybe two thirds of our lights with fluorescents, and have purchased the most efficient appliances we can find. Still, we're not off the grid at all. We want to change that ... but for now, is it worth it to go for green power? Or is it just another green scam, like FDA organic labeling requirements, to get you to pay more for the same lousy product in different packaging?
probably is a 02.Nov.2004 10:31


I don't know about Green Mountain Energy, but there is a company called Calpine (find previous informative posts on Indymedia) that does give donations for favors from the Bush administration. Calpine was/is trying to drill for geothermal in an area in Northern California called Medicine Lake. Medicine Lake is public land and a sacred Native American site. In addition to the drilling, lots of logging is planned to make way for the power lines needed to transport the energy. There is an ongoing campaign against Calpine by Earth First! and Native Americans in the area.
The energy from this project would be marketed as green, geothermal energy.
My memory on the political aspect is hazy, but something like: the Forest Service orginally turned the project down, but then Calpine gave some strategic donations, and Bush came into power and the project got the green light.