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Hunt Saboteur Knocked Unconscious With Iron Bar As Hunt Season Starts

On October 30th, a group of hunt saboteurs were attacked by a gang of
hunt supporters at the opening meet of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent
Hunt and one was KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS WITH AN IRON BAR and ridden over by a
huntsman. 6 received cuts to their eyes, lips and heads and others received
bruising. An ambulance was called for the saboteur, who was unconscious for
several minutes. He was checked over but did not want to attend hospital.
The incident occurred as the hunt appeared to be packing up at 3.15 p.m.
following the meet at Lock Skinners Farm, Penshurst, Kent. The group of
were observing the hunt from a nearby field. One witness described how a
mounted hunt member shouted "come on then" and 2 vehicles raced across the
Men armed with lumps of timber, sticks and an iron bar jumped out and
attacked the saboteurs, joined by riders with the hunt and terriermen. The
said "It was obviously planned".

One saboteur who recorded the attack was targeted and told how the huntsman,
Mark Bycroft, shouted "Get him with the video camera" and rode over him.
The camera, containing vital evidence of the attack, was stolen.

Despite the seriousness of the attack and the fact that the stolen video
camera would still have been in the area, police near the scene showed no
interest. The police had been warned at the start of the day that the hunt
notorious for their violence towards protestors.

Nathan Brown, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association said "This was
a serious attack and we are very lucky not to be reporting another death.
Hunt saboteurs are on the receiving end of the violent backlash and campaign
of intimidation against a possible hunt ban. This is the true face of the
so-called respectable minority that the Countryside Alliance and their
friends in
the House of Lords are protecting. The Government should ensure that it does
not appease these violent bullies and must use the Parliament Act to ban the
animal cruelty that is hunting once and for all."

Notes for Editors:

Photographs of injuries may become available.

1 November marks the official start of the fox hunting season. Many hunts,
including the Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent (OSBWK), held their opening
meets on Saturday.

The OSBWK hunt is renowned among sabs for the levels of violence dished out
to saboteurs and is regarded as being prominent among the more extreme
of the hunting fraternity.

Hunt saboteur Steve Christmas was almost killed at a meet of the hunt on 1
Sept 2000

2 hunt saboteurs, Mike Hill and Thom Worby, were killed whilst protesting at

Mark Bycroft (huntsman) and Graeme Worsley (hunt master) of the OSBWK hunt
were fined and received penalty points after staging a pro-hunt stunt on the
in Dec 2002. A motorway safety officer said in court that it "posed an
extreme danger" to the public.

Bycroft has a history of violence and was found guilty of assault in 1991
after a saboteur was attacked. Bycroft's father, John,admitted in a
interview to "acting like the IRA" (31 Aug 2002).

Mark Bycroft hinted at the campaign of intimidation when he was quoted in
Horse and Hound on 16 September 2004 as saying "Every MP against hunting is
the hit list.".

Further information: Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Officer, Nathan Brown
07815 313181
Past Press Releases and information about HSA: www.huntsabs.org.uk

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Office
All press enquiries - Tel: 07815 313181
Other enquiries 0845 4500727 (24hr ansaphone)
All those British palce names! 02.Nov.2004 02:50


That's terrible. But to be honest, those British place names always trip me up. I imagine a Dickens novel or something. It's hard for me to take them seriously. I should know better, I live in Canada, but it always gets to me.

But yeah, those people need to be jailed for assault.

Hunting Is Not A Sport 02.Nov.2004 07:40


Has there ever been any question that the word "hunter" is merely a synonym for "COWARD"

Too bad "fox hunt" wasn't in the title 02.Nov.2004 07:52

Responsible outdoorsman

The title of the original post makes it sound like the hunters could have been responsible legal hunters. In reality, they were rich arisotcrats participating in the cruel and wasteful "sport" of fox "hunting".

Wacko activists in the USA and elsewhere often sabotage lawful hunting and fishing. If a wacko throws rocks in the water where lawful anglers are trying to fish, or wackos scare deer where lawful hunters are trying to hunt, the wackos deserve to be "assaulted" by the lawful outdoorsmen. Many anglers and some hunters are poor and live off the land. Some selective harvest actually helps the environment as the humans serve as predators who thin the herd of an overpopulated prey. The best anglers and hunters are of course the Native Americans who honor their prey and make full use of the animal without waste.

Let's all try to create clear headlines. The word "fox" in the title would make it certain the "hunters" are the villans and the disruptors are brave hero victims. Without "fox", a reader might think, "Good, the wackos got what they deserved for disrupting the food-gathering of the working poor".

To Responsible Outdoorsman 02.Nov.2004 09:20

a friend

Excuse me, but since when does throwing a rock in the water, or even making noise to scare deer, equate to hitting a human with an iron bar? Sure, these folks are engaging in civil disobedience--they are not physically injuring anyone or doing property damage. Sure, they're annoying. That's the point. But assault shows something of the values of those hunting. That's part of the problem--a violent, selfish, specicist society. The activists are brave--they risk injury, even death, to make a point, to shift the culture, to save the lives of innocent creatures. Let's face it, except for subsistance hunting, there's no good reason to extinguish life.

You Can't Be Responsible If You Hunt Or Fish 02.Nov.2004 09:41

Another Proud Wacko

Responsible Outdoorsman:
Please give me your definition of "responsible." By your own admission if a person is trying to protect the very creatures that you are intent on killing you feel a personal assault is justified. If children are along a river bank skipping rocks and that alarms the fish are you justified in beating the crap out of the kids? Where do you draw the line? Very few people today NEED to hunt or fish to put food on the table. The cost of guns,ammo,licenses,boats,camping gear,fishing gear,clothing,car and gas to get to your favorite killing field could feed a family of 4 for months. Enough with the lame excuses you kill because you are weak and playing the role of predator makes you feel like a big macho man.Got news for you sweetie,REAL MEN do not kill those who are weaker than them.Why not level the playing field by hunting one another and leaving the animals alone.Another simple idea,go vegetarian and leave the flesh and the fur on the animals where it belongs!

no hunting,no trapping,no fishing and no killing 07.Nov.2004 19:31


man,that was so easy to shut up and shut down that hunter.wish it was always so easy.