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Bush's Bulge PROVEN ... Bush lies about it on the record! -corrected post

What was initially a humorous issue and a subject of massive speculation on the "internets" has grown into a serious and newsworthy issue. Questions are being asked about this "bulge", why Bush needs to lie about it, and why the media has backed away from reporting this serious issue.

Icone- I hope you dont mid that I reposted this for you, amazing story.
NASA expert's photo analysis
NASA expert's photo analysis
Bulge seen after 9/11 Commission testimony (enhanced)
Bulge seen after 9/11 Commission testimony (enhanced)
When I first saw the BULGE on Bush's back a month ago... I laughed. It was funny, but then came the questions; What is it? Why did he have this "bulge" at all 3 presidential debates? Why is it immediately apparent after his 9/11 commission testimony?

The rumors were wide and diverse, but what this has boiled down to in the last month is a serious issue. Initially, the White House laughed off this "bulge sighting" by saying it was a doctored photo and that it did not exist. That didn't last long as it was easily seen in all the raw video footage of the debates. Then the Bush's tailor said that it was a badly tailored jacket. Last week President Bush himself went on-record on Good Morning America staing that this "bulge" was a badly tailored shirt. His campaign said the "bulge" was a device used to communicate with Mars, and that Bush is an "alien". For the record, the White House also stated to the New York Times that Bush was not wearing a bulletproof vest.
 http://www.thehill.com/under_dome/102004.aspx -Tailors story
 http://cbsnewyork.com/topstories/topstories_story_300140512.html -Bush's remarks

All this was fodder for late night jokes and further speculation from bloggers everywhere. The mainstream media picked up the topic but covered the story, not the facts, and usually presented the "bulge" in a humorous light.
 http://bushwired.blogspot.com/ -Bush Wired blog

But something serious happened concerning the "bulge" in the last days before the election. Salon.com and Mother Jones both published stories which essentially proved that Bush and his campaign have been lying about this issue. Dr. Robert M Nelson an internationally respected photo analyst and senior researcher with NASA has examined and enhanced the debate photos showing the "bulge". Dr. Nelson has stated that here is definitely something there... and its not bad tailoring!
 http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2004/10/29/bulge/index_np.html -Salon story.
 http://www.motherjones.com/news/update/2004/11/10_407.html -MotherJones story

So, this leaves us with important questions. First, since when has it been acceptable for the President to tell an outright lie to the press? Why would he and his campaign try to deny the existence of this "bulge"? In fact. these questions have plagued the campaign since the first "bulge" sighting. It seems to me that the campaign would benefit from offering a realistic, factual, and plausible explanation instead of wasting their time answering questions about a "rumor". It raises my suspicions for sure.

"'Nothing about the bulge is going to run here before the election.' -The Wall Street Journal.

Where has the media been on this story? Why have they brushed aside this issue even in the light of strong evidence offered from a respected expert? Its truly anyone's guess. Its understandable that the media wouldn't want to comment on a murky internet rumor in the days before this crucial election... but with proof offered, and the President on record misstating the facts, they should at least ask some questions. Its not the job of the press to decide what issues are news... it is their duty to ask the difficult questions and demand plausible answers.

So what is the "BULGE"? Nobody knows for sure. However, there is very strong and compelling evidence that it is a coaching or prompting device. <a href=" http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi... Several experts </a> have stated that the shape, contour and outline of the "bulge" support a "wired' theory. The Presidents long pauses, blank stares, and sudden blurting of information during the debates also support this theory. President Bush even lashed out, "Stop interrupting" when nobody was speaking during one debate.
 http://www.fortune3.com/comp72114/?il=1 - Device
 http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/10/29/BUGOT9I4QS1.DTL -Spy expert

Many in the media have stated that it has long been known that Bush wears a wireless earpiece during speeches and press conferences. In my view there is nothing wrong with that. There has been speculation that many of his famed "Bush-isms" have stemmed from difficulty reading a teleprompter. What is alarming and absolutely frightening is that he may have worn this "wire" not only during the debates, but at his 9/11 Commission testimony as well. The use of coaching during the debate would be totally unacceptable, during testimony... illegal!

Regardless of election outcome, this matter should be closely examined by the media. We all deserve an answer!

For further info and sources for the statements made here, please visit:
 http://bushwired.blogspot.com/ -The Bush Wired Site, and also see
 http://homepage.mac.com/c.shaw/BushBulges/PhotoAlbum15.html -THE BUSH BULGE PHOTO GALLERY View the evidence!
 http://bushwired.blogspot.com/2004/10/updated-news-and-links-archive-bulge.html - Archived news, photos, theories and video.

homepage: homepage: http://bushwired.blogspot.com/

its baaaack! 01.Nov.2004 17:30


i love this story, i'm glad its not dead!

THANKS! 01.Nov.2004 17:45


Thanks for posting this again... I messed up the first one. Thanks "someone" (I know who you are!)

Check out the latest post on Cannonfire!

It's just a brace 01.Nov.2004 17:51


Anything to give Bush a little backbone.

Previous bulge thread 01.Nov.2004 17:59


The previous thread that got this thing rolling


whats this? 01.Nov.2004 19:02


by Bob "Winston Smith" White Tuesday March 09, 2004 at 02:11 AM

Summer 2000, (July, it was, as I recall).
CNN Live Broadcast from the floor of the debates.
As the camera slowly zoomed out, from its focus on George Bush Jr. speaking to his political advisor, the CNN camera's microphone was still on, and CNN hadn't yet completely dropped out the volume. Just before they went to commercial, the revelatory little tit-bit came over the telescreen speakers: Softly, but Clearly.
George: "Tell me what to say. I'll say anything you tell me to say!"
I believe that I am recalling the exact quote but, I will concede that I may have it slightly wrong. In any case, the message was the same: 'Put the words in my mouth and I'll mouth them, regardless if I believe them to be true or not.'
That was the deciding moment, for me, regarding George Jr. And I didn't vote for him because of those words!
If he couldn't think for himself then, as a candidate, how could I trust him in My White House? The horror of it, for me, was that until that moment, I'd considered voting for him (at least, he'd seemed to have more 'Spine' than that talking-board Gore).
CNN: If you want a nasty little scoop, check your file footage, you have it, because I saw it and I know what I heard. And I'm sure others did too.
It was broadcast at about 2:40pm, EST, possibly it was a Wednesday (Please, forgive me, it has been three and an half long, long, long, low years).
When CNN played the footage again (ad infinitum, as they always do, since their news is rarely NEW news, or insightful at that) they'd dubbed out the sound, but you could still read the shrub's lips. I watched later that afternoon with the vid-deck on, hoping to catch that sound bite again, to prove to my friends what I told them I'd heard Bush say!
But, someone on the CNN staff edited that footage -- dubbed out the sound -- so, obviously, someone else heard it too and thought it doubleplusgood to correct BB's day speech.
I offer this plea: If you were the sound editor of that footage, you know The Truth, just as I do. Please! Come forward and back me up on this one, and expose Bush-wa's integrity!
But... Big-Media "Journalistic Integrity" seems in mighty short supply these days, and I'm sure that that sound editor was Paid for editing The Truth. I tell it here for free, because I care about My Country, and I care about The Truth, and I'm tired of meaningless presidential rhetoric and fear-mongering.
Perhaps I was wrong? Maybe I only thought that I heard George say that?
NO! I'm not deaf, I'm not dumb, I'm not blind, and I don't appreciate Americans being treated as if we're all stupid barbarians.
Three and an half years later, and I still know what I heard.
2+2= exactly what the Supreme Court appointed; exactly what I found offensive on that summer's day; exactly what I expected from you.
It all adds up to: Claim everything. Explain nothing. Deny everything.
Seems that's a Bush family motto.
By the way, George, I appreciate those 9-11 ads! They're a poignant reminder of "Your Greatest Failure" to this Nation. YOU WERE IN CHARGE WHEN IT HAPPENED! IT HAPPENED UNDER YOUR WATCH! Not Clinton's, not Gore's, Yours! I'm amazed that you can take such PRIDE IN PUBLIC FAILURE! But I'm even more amazed that you think, by reminding us of your failure, that you'll inspire us to elect you! It leaves one to wonder what pride you would take if you actually merited accolades, rather than having them handed to you on a silverspoon, or a smouldering heap. I hope you enjoyed that month long vacation you took just before 9-11 (one of the longest presidential vacations ever!). I'm heading for the hills if you take another month off before the upcoming elections.
Wer war der Tor? Not I. You haven't fooled me yet, and now I see only an undeserving barbarian in the Pennsylvania Avenue "King's Chamber".
PS: There's a word for a corpse feeder: Ghoul.
Enjoy your meal.

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for the gif!

FINGER MOVIE 01.Nov.2004 21:20


Anyone seen the full video of this "one fingered victory salute?" (Bush's words... or at least close)

Maybe I'll dig it up and post it...

Finger movie is here: 01.Nov.2004 22:05


Finger flick 01.Nov.2004 22:24


I just put the finger gif as the screensaver on my phone... HA!!!! This is great!

Thanks for the movie link, i wanted to send that off to some people.

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Brad M. contact me. 03.Nov.2004 16:08


Brad contact me I think I see a bigger story. You are right we my not be investigative enough to deal with it.

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New official excuse bt THE HILL the guys who brought us the wrinkle...


BUSH WIRED will continue to follow and archive this story.

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