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9.11 investigation

Correction: 9/11 Wargames Infographic

Based upon information from the FAA news release from August 9, 2002 the text in the first paragraph following "Standard Operating Procedure" should read:

"they had applied between 09/00 and 06/01 when they successfully launched fighters on 67 occasions to escort wayward aircraft (FAA 08/09/02)."

The attached graphic has been modified to reflect these changes as have the print and pdf versions at the following url:
 link to www.ezarchive.com
Original Posting:

Here's a non-partisan infographic/teaser for Michael Ruppert's Crossing The Rubicon, focusing specifically on his 9/11 wargames research. It's designed to be presented to those who are highly allergic to the notion of conspiracy theories, stirring their curiosity with some simple, factual information that might help them ultimately lift the veil and learn the whole truth about 9/11.

I have not been asked to endorse or promote Crossing The Rubicon, nor do I believe that the wargame exercises alone should express the entirety of the citizens' investigation into 9/11. I do feel that they present an excellent starting point with straight forward evidence for people who are fickle to the idea of conspiracies or the movement itself. Ruppert's ability to articulate the facts while expressing the investigative nature of his process should be compelling reading, even to those who think blowback or incompetence is the whole of the story. I simply reference Amazon as a purchasing point for convenience and accessibility, with an added benefit being the numerous positive reviews and generic (safe for the masses) online marketplace environment.

Feel free to forward this to your constitution party cousin in Ohio, or your moderately libertarian aunt in Florida. Even to your diehard Republican brother in Texas. They may not like what they read, but the blinders will have to come off eventually.

Web, print and pdf versions of this infographic are available at the following url:
 link to www.ezarchive.com

I hope this little effort will be a useful and informative entry point. If you agree and you're so inclined, spread it widely!


Ron Gassaway

Download and read Chapter 19 of Crossing The Rubicon at:

Find Crossing The Rubicon at Amazon with 49 excellent reviews:
 link to www.amazon.com

Michael Ruppert will be on the Mike Malloy Show Monday night, Nov 1: From The Wilderness has the show listed as 8pm (PST) / 11pm (EST), but Portland's Air America affiliate lists the Mike Malloy show at 10pm (PST), so I guess if you're interested it would be wise to verify the time through your local affiliate: