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KBOO Morning News Story List 11/01/04

Posting the list of stories so you can scan them and see if you've missed anything - and hold our feet to the fire if we missed anything!
Patrik Angstrom Poore produced the news today
Chris Andreae got the internet stories
Blaine Palmer Anchored
Sue Ryan Engineered

1) Republicans block thousands of first time, young voters in Oregon
2) Oregon Counties gear up for election shenanigans
3) Timberline looks at opening up 62 more acres of its land
4) Canvassers dress up and go Trick or Voting
5) The North Portland Tool LIbrary Opens
6) Free Speech Radio News - interview with Nader and Cobb
7) Spokane's Catholic diocese may go Bankrupt, just like Portland's
8) Free Speech Radio News - Florida Problems
9) Phone interview with Andrew Stelzer, from WMNF Tampa
10) NAACP investigated by the IRS after making political statements against bush
11) Free Speech Radio News - Halliburton under investigation by FBI
12) Yemen accuses Isreal of trying to divide Palestinian Solidarity
13) Arafat may have been poisoned
14) Nigeria's main trade union targets Shell Oil for strike
15) Free Speech Radio News - European Union gets a Constitution
16) US extends duty for 6,500 Army soldiers
17) Explosion in Tikrit
18) Violence in Liberia, with quote from Kroeker
19) China's internet shutdowns
20) First facial transplant planned -

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