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Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution

When I was very young, I remember my family taking my uncle to Logan International Airport in Boston. One side of the Sumner Tunnel had been blocked to traffic due to security situations, because Fidel Castro was due to be passing through at any moment. This was the very day that he made his famous speech at Harvard University.
Fidel Castro Delivering Speech
Fidel Castro Delivering Speech
I was born in Boston, the Cradle of Liberty, shortly after the second world war was over. I grew up believing that my country, the United States of America was the bastion of liberty and freedom for all its peoples and as such, was an shining example for all the developing countries of the world.

It is no wonder then, at the age of seventeen I sincerely believed that I had all of the answers to the world's problems all fiqured out. Anyone who said anything against this great country of ours, was either an communist; fellow traveler or a dupe!

In all of my most wildest dreams, I never would have believed that America has been ruled by some of the most sinister group of men that God ever created. Men whose thirst for money and power were so great that the very lives of America's youth and the lives of people's in foreign countries didn't matter one iota to them, as long as they could make money exploiting the natural resources from these countries.

My generation grew up being taught a lot of blatant lies and half-truths regarding the Cuban Revolution in which Castro played a big role. We were never told anything about the situation that the Cuban people faced in a daily basis under General Batista, the Cuban General who came to power via an coup d'etat against the democratically elected government of Cuba.

Nor were we told how the American Mafia with their leader Lucky Luciano, had Batista in their back pocket! Any vice that you desired was available in Cuba under the Batista junta. Everything from prostitution, drugs, gambling, you name it, was available for the Yankee Dollar!

One famous hotel in Havana had a long winding staircase in the lobby area. On this stairway, from the bottom, all the way to the top would be the most beautiful Cuban girls, each evenly spaced from one-another. They were of every hue, from very light skinned to very dark, and all shades in between.

Of course the tourists from America who partook of their beauty never stopped to think for one moment that these girls were once some young mothers pride and joy. Or that they might have brothers who if they only knew how their sisters made their money to survive, might have gone balistic some evening.

The knowledge of how the Mafia ran everything in Cuba, was one of the driving forces that led Fidel Castro and his fellow revolutionaries in their quest to free their homeland.

Life for a prostitute during the Batista years wasn't a bowl of cherries either. Many of these young women were kept in basement cellers with small barred windows in which if they were lucky, they might be able to watch the world go by, but unable to join in the parade.

After the success of the Cuban Revolution, the American Mafia soon found themselves unwelcome in Cuba.

Today, the sons of these same American Mafia maggots are posed in Miami, just waiting for the green light from the Bush administartion, which will enable them to re-establish an beachhead in Cuba once again, just as their fathers once had during the Batista years.
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