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I Love Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone
Presently enjoying opening my door and passing out candy to neighbor kids, and talking to thier parents.
Halloween to me represents much of what is good in the world.

#1. Everyone is accepted on halloween, no matter how "ugly" Everyone is beautiful as-is this day. (I didn't express that well at all sorry)

#2. People embrace the unknown, "supernatural", and greet it with love rather than fear- All the creepy stuff like graveyards, bones ghosts isn't creepy at all today. From one admittedly twisted point of view, it's the ultimate show of respect for our dearly departed ancestors.

#.3 Witches are also held in high esteem on this day. Anybody know any "real" ones- not the BS new-age types, but a real one, with real power- they tend to be shunned and feared by "society"

#4. did I mention relating to neighbors?

#5. same as number two but refering to the moon, the fall season, and other natural phenomena.

I know for sure I didn't express myself very well, but Halloween is in my mind a very important holiday, a very positive one.

Happy Halloween everyone, and take some time to apreciate the chilly fresh air, the fallen leaves, the night sky and moon, the earth and spirits of past and present life, and the neighbors too.

anyone else out there feel the same?
HallowEve is liberating 31.Oct.2004 21:43


I love how even mere mortals feel comfortable to explore their alter-egos behind their masks. Somewhat liberating at least for a night for them. I often wonder on this evening, what would happen if they didn't have to stuff their extroverted selves all year and could just be, without the masks.

What a different world we would live in if people didn't walk in fear of being rejected for being bold, or silly, or dumb, or ignorant. (hmmm, did I just describe little children) OK, so what if we could be like little children all year, unself-concious, playful, and openly needy of affection and comfort ---- without the masks.

Re: I Love Halloween 31.Oct.2004 21:44


Hi there Red Suspenders,

Yes, it is a very lovely time, wonderfully nippy air that matches the change from a short-fall to winter-dead-ahead.

Unfortunately, innocent thoughts of "...relating to neighbors..." and various "...natural phenomena..." and other delites can't fly in this forum, since virtually all other participants on here appear to be motivated by hate, and promoting hate, alone.

I'm tired of all that useless hate and the endless debate that the very same people almost always generate. All that crap doesn't get anyone anywhere, although I'm always cruising for alternative points of view on the mainstream news.

At any rate -- it is a fantabulous night out there, and I love Halloween too.

me too... 31.Oct.2004 21:47


i've always had a real affinity for this day myself. my fascination with the supernatural, witches, the dead, etc. has an outlet, like you say, on this one day. the real witches are healers - herbalists, midwives, natural healers, diviners, etc. - that are a very important part of the everyday world. it was because of their innate healing powers that over 9 milliono of them were persecuted during the witch trials. and that is when women were barred from practicing midwivery, healing, etc. I feel that regaining our power as women is to reclaim the title of witch by learning the old ways of healing. the world needs it now!

Happy Halloween to you, too. 01.Nov.2004 00:49

Migratory Bird

Thank you for that uplifting article. Your words are fun and boyant. I hope that you will carry the Halloween spirit into the new Halloween year.