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Thousands of Oregon Votes Challenged by Bush Lawyer

I just saw on local news that the Bush/Cheney lawyer has filed an action against Mult. Co. Elections, saying that the votes do not count without "positive ID", infering that the signature validation is not valid. Senator Wyden has stepped in, saying that he and Gov. Kitzhaber made earlier legislation to prevent exactly this sort of challenge......
Inquiring Minds Want to Know.... 31.Oct.2004 19:33

Antinomias Vermont

Shyster's name, phone number, email address, business and home addresses.

How Lowe Can You Go? Attorney's Contact Info 31.Oct.2004 20:27


The Republican challenge is set out in a letter dated Friday signed by Matthew Lowe, an attorney in the Portland law firm of O'Donnell & Clark, which according to the letter represents the Oregon Republican Party and the Bush-Cheney 2004 re-election campaign. Lowe is an associate in the firm, specializing in "for-profit and nonprofit corporate and business law; taxation issues affecting small business and non profit entities; employment matters; and business and real estate." Sounds like he's moved a little out of his field to handle this issue.

The letter is addressed to John Kauffman, director of elections in Multnomah County.

Oregon Republican Party Chairman stated this evening that he knows nothing about the letter which is the same message Bush Headquarters in Washington DC voiced in its press release. Neither spoke out against the letter and charges, however.


Matthew D. Lowe
1706 NW Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 306-0224
Lowest of the Lowe
Lowest of the Lowe

Call Amy Casterline at the Oregon GOP 01.Nov.2004 09:55


Here is Amy Casterline's Cell # 503-510-4160. The Oregon GOP gave it to me when I was bumped out of her office voicemail. She would love top hear what you think on this matter.