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Eminemís Mosh video: FUCK BUSH

Eminem's Mosh video will awaken the rage within. The time is now to come together and fire the number one weapon of mass destruction: BUSH

At the core of the song and video is a powerful anti-war statement, deeply rooted in the struggle of America's increasingly burdened working man (and woman) warriors. After seeing Eminem perform live in front of the troops in Baghdad, a soldier returns home to his wife/girlfriend and children, only to be greeted by a "re-enlist" letter. The soldier appears to desert, donning Eminem's ubiquitous black hoodie and joining the growing throngs following the rapper on some ominous, as yet unspoken, mission.

In another scene, a young Latina is hit with an eviction notice. In the background, Bush's State of the Union plays on the television, announcing tax cuts for the rich.

She, too, joins Eminem's army.

Bin Laden is depicted as a political tool, broadcasting his communiques from a sound stage. When the faux cave wall falls, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are revealed.

The video is a culmination of Eminem's political transformation, and a sign of the times. Scores of previously apolitical or non-partisan big-time artists, from Bruce Springsteen to P. Diddy, have decided that the stakes are just too high in this election to sit this one out.

Eminem closes the video with a plea to the masses, not to revolt, which the menacing tone of the video could imply, but to take to the polls.

Let us set aside our differences and assemble our own army to disarm this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president for the present, and march for the future of our next generation to speak and be heard.

Mr. President, Mr. Senator, do you guys hear us?

The World Wants Change: VOTE
ok 01.Nov.2004 19:34


ok, so were just going to forget that this is the man who wrote a song about killing his wife and recorded it in frount of their child. Don't be so quick to idalize people for having an "anti-war" message if they would just go home afterward to write about killing their mother and wife.

Saying isnt believing 13.Dec.2004 11:23

The world traveling Polish guy

Saying you will kill is diffrent than declaring war on a nation for oil. I dont care who said they would kill whomever. Its following through with it that pisses me off. I wouldnt kill anyone myself, but I wouldn't be heart broken to see a few choice folks eat a chunk of full metal jackets.

response 18.Dec.2004 22:36


No matter how you hard anyone tries to discredit someone, like for instance eminem and writing about killing his wife, NO ONE has as lower credit than George W. himself. And the funniest thing is, he has been the one damaging his own image the most.

Bush is just one person to blame for many problems that have been going on for years, and continue to go on, as well as new issues that pop up. Every person who supports something without knowing as many details as possible, creates a problem. Every person who supports something so strongly, without knowing as many facts as possible, is a complete idiot. I hate Bush, but what I hate more is the massive amount of people around the world and in the United States who continue to support the current "way of life". Everyone needs to get smart. Make some big changes in the way society is operated today.

"ok" 20.Dec.2004 05:39


who cares about that stupid killing wife song. the point is the messege in this song should be followed. just becuz hes done some bad stuff doesnt mean that all of is thoughts and beleifs are bad just some. and i stand by this one