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Bush comes to Cincinnati-greeted by protestors

Bush graced the conservative stronghold of cincinnati today. I was there with others to give him a "proper welcome."
Today at 2 pm Kerry supporters and anti war people had a rally on fountain square. About 40 people left the rally to go down and protest where Bush was speaking- at the stadium. There were a fair amount of police down there, all with the quick tie hand cuffs. One cited a girl for being what they unfairly judged as confrontational. Some people were dressed up as dead muslims to draw attention to the death count in Iraq. Chants included "two more days" and "Bush is a warmonger." Thousands of Bush supporters streamed by, some giving the middle finger and being rude. One Bush supporter charged into a group of protestors. Some Bush supporters held signs and argued with protestors. They were yelling and being abusive. The cops did nothing about them, though. One actually said, "Iraq and Al Quaeda are linked." So you get the impression of the stupid crap we had to put up with. Also, there is a statewide ballot issue pending which tries to ban gay marriage, and a whole entourage of entirely all black people, held signs calling for the passage of this issue. These people professional looking signs, and were as noisy as fuck, and kept interupting our chants. The city also has on the ballot an issue to repeal the law which legalizes discrimination against gays in the city. The organizers of this, the same people who indicted Dennis Barrie for exhibiting the Mapplethorpe exhibit, Citizens for Community Values, have taken the tactic of trying to make blacks angry about gay rights, because they say these people are asking for "special rights." And at the behest of a well known black clergyman, many blacks have taken the bait to attack the rights of gays. What this city needs is more people to organize to combat on a local level the conservatives who have taken the city hostage. There used to be alot more progressives in town, but almost all have fled, so the conservatives are having a heyday. There were 30,000 of those *%#@@@ in the stadium today. That is the only reason I am voting for Kerry. If Bush loses Cincinnati's parent county, Hamilton, then he will likely lose the state. That is why he came here today. Yesterday, I canvassed, sending out information advising people to take their ID to the polls because the republicans are putting their minions there to intimidate voters and question the legality of the votes. And they are doing this in exclusively poor black or democratic precincts. How many young black youth are going to be driven away because white authority figures are giving them fits. Some people tried to take the republicans to court over this, but a verdict has yet to be reached. I think they were supposed to deliberate on it today. Anyhow, I really don't know-- all I know is that local progressives have had the formidible task of preparing people for the worst. Also there is the issue that provisional ballots are likely to be thrown out. I'm sorry I'm voting for Kerry, but if you lived here, you'd understand the power of conservatism and why it absolutely must be overthrown. And we have the power to change the outcome of the election here. I heard that there are 80,000 new registered voters in Hamilton County, and they are mostly young people. Voter registration people here have been working their asses off for months trying to make sure the poor and the young get registered. People are coming in from New York city to drive people to the polls and people from other states are coming in to help. So keep your fingers crossed that Bush gets trimmed and good. Peace.