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Always in a Larger Context

Are we asking the right questions for the most perplexing problems?
As I read all that's written against anything you can think of these days, it's a wonder we don't all get the best message. Surely, we want the problem solved to replace the states of mind causing many to dissent, protest, plainly to be upset with what is going on.

What is going? This is a very good question. How many times must we observe reenacting articulations before it dawns on us this must be for reducing the tolerance magnitude of the residual inaccuracies? Inhumanity in any form is a prime example of the residual inaccuracy of either observation or articulation.

It may be until we have a larger context, inclusively a conceptual field, the universe, the world, our species as a few examples, we will not eradicate the perplexities that truly disturb us.

Another example of a larger context is evolution and how it tinkers around with various forms of life for millions of years. While we might chagrin to think it will take millions of years for us to get our heads out of the sand and take to the high road, we need an objective for doing so. It may always be about getting away from the predator and toward the advanced civilization. This goes for human beings and other species on Earth.

The advanced civilization is "of no admixture of harm." The advanced civilization, which may very well be an integral relation to the conscious participation in our own evolution, is not of another universe. It embraces every possible alternate option any of us might otherwise choose. Evolution asks of us to deliberate and invent, to weigh and measure every conceivable choice.

A conceptual faculty of every human being on Earth is as each is "a universe of one." Individually we process information for any and all result. So, when we may think to do harm, in any way shape or form to self or others, be this a human being or creatures of another species, it will be wise to ask these questions. "Are my actions of the predatory mind or toward the advanced civilization?" "What is the most consciously comprehensive considerate alternate option?"

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