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A message from Dennis Kucinich

A Get out the vote message from the Congressman and former Presidential Candidate
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" let's shead the fear" 31.Oct.2004 10:35


I thought the Kerry/ Edwards ticket was ALL about fear. Fear of the Democrats corporate brother, the Republicans.

Dear Dennis, 31.Oct.2004 13:03

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Congratulations on being the last Democrat I will likely ever vote for. Call me when you've dumped the corrupt asshole at the top of the Party's pyramid and replaced him with an actual human being. Until then, your letters to me go into the Spam file where they belong, along with those of every other Democrat lining up behind that warmongering shithead Kerry.

So much for "courage."

Bye now.

Please, Let's Get Along 31.Oct.2004 13:46

Mistletoe Angel

alsis38, what is it with you and pushing everyone away who only wants to help?

I'm sure if Nader goes and does one thing that disagrees with you, you'll suddenly go turning your back on him and never forgiving him the rest of your life. We can't just act like this, like when the needle exactly touches the carpet.

Though I have made my case in where I disagree with Nader and his campaign actions, it doesn't mean I am blacklisting him. I just happen to believe this election is too important to lend a vote to someone who concedes himself he cannot win this year and even if he didn't admit that, wouldn't win anyway when he's not on the ballot in California and Illinois, two major electoral states.

Dividing the people is just what the most fervent neo-con Republicans want, what the terrorists want, etc. They don't want us to live together and settle our differences and try to find common ground and form bi-lateral disputes and discussions. They want us to turn our backs away from each other and never speak to each other again, they want us to act like neighbors passing by someone's mailbox and immediately be shouted at from the living room window.

I don't deny some of the Democrats' actions as those that are relative to those of Republicans, but just going out and bashing an entire people like that is just ridiculous. I happen to think Kucinich is a very sensible man who is also a Democrat.

In this movement for reform and revolution, first things first. We MUST get along. A revolution will never happen if we keep slinging stones at each other like this.

You can vote as you wish, and I'm not going to stop you or silence you for who you're voting, but you've got to accept there are millions of liberals and progressives who would think differently from you and you've got to accept and respect their differences. I've been critical of Nader and those voting him, but it doesn't mean I am going to suddenly list everyone who is voting him on a spreadsheet and boycott them for the rest of my life. That's unfair, and we must understand we're all in this together and it is up to us to unite and not only debate, but dispute and seek where we are common or stand together on.

This liberal independent who only happened to vote Kerry in his first eligible election ever is interested in finding answers and solutions with you, to cooperate. Could you look at me and others without hesitation from November 3rd and beyond and try and find what we must do?

Noah Eaton

Exactly: Stop the in-fighting Alsis 31.Oct.2004 14:04


All the Bushes and Cheney's would LOVE to hear you dissing the one person who has articulated our message so clearly.
Don't you realize you're complete lack of cooperation and exclusiveness is like a microcosm of everything you probably think you stand for? It's your type of thinking that eventually leads to pre-emptive war and isolation.
To paraphrase Gandhi, become the change you want to see in the world.

That Was A Truly Painfull Message From Dennis... 31.Oct.2004 14:05

Kush/Berry in 2004!!!

...and I wish that I would not have heard it.

The actions and inactions of the Democratic party have clearly ruled them out as any kind of alternative for me, for the forseeable fUture. They, more than any other group, has illustrated the importance of remaining Independant.

Jesus, painful is right. 31.Oct.2004 17:26


Oy. It's pretty sad to hear Dennis Kucinich reduced to this level of bathos. I think Dennis is a man who sincerely supports progressive ideals, but doesn't know how to advance them in the context of this election season. So rather than doing anything risky or creative, he is now keeping his head low, hoping for a brighter day for both his ideals and his own political career prospects, and loathe to do anything now to damage them (the career prospects, that is). The proof positive of this timidity was his meek and unbecoming docility in the face of the total stonewalling of his attempts to introduce an antiwar plank into the Democratic platform at the party convention in Boston. Shit, even the Republicans throw bones in the platform to their most rabid elements that they have no intentions of honoring. Would the Republican religious right tolerate that kind of brazen contempt from Republican Party establishment hacks? I doubt it.

I don't fault Kucinich for anything but his ineptitude and lack of creativity -- and yes, let's face it, his career-driven cowardice. It's true, not many people could have risen to the occasion, and sadly, Dennis wasn't one of them.

Imagine if Dennis had really pushed Kerry, actually gone so far as to publicly threaten to endorse Nader, for instance? What if Kucinich had held a series of press conferences with Nader to announce calls for new investigations by the US Civil Rights Commission into systematic Republican voterigging plans and coordinated voter suppression tactics? He could have made a hell of a stir, and maybe even prodded Kerry out of his strange militarist reveries into coopting some of Kucinich's more militant positions, if for no other reason than fear. Who knows, maybe it wouldn't have worked. But it would have been worth a try. Certainly a lot more interesting and promising than the path he has chosen.

Riiiiiight, Noah... 31.Oct.2004 22:03


There you go again with your ASSumptions. I never said that I agreed with everything Nader has said or done. So what's your point ?

You and "." are both full of it. Frankly, Nemo has summed up my feelings nicely and I don't see any need to say much more. Kucinich is a decent guy, but he is doomed to be ineffectual as long as the people holding his purse strings are so hopelessly corrupt. [Shrug.] You don't want to hear that, it's your problem. Go on and play Norman Vincent Peale if it makes you feel better. Just don't expect the rest of us to tag along.

poor dennis 01.Nov.2004 11:48


about the most favorable thing i can say about this audio is this:

if these words from dennis kucinich are to be believed, after all of the good he seemed to be doing during the primaries, etc., it is in the (paraphrased) statement that "voting for kerry will give americans a chance to turn things around."

at best, having kerry will give us a CHANCE to save american democracy. kerry will not save us, bush will certainly screw us, and dennis, always a democrat, pushes for the democrat, even though kerry stands for nothing that dennis has been espousing.

go figure. i hope kucinich will be in the protest crowds with us when/if kerry becomes president.

Another dupe 01.Nov.2004 18:18

Paladin paladin@dmci.net

I feel sorry for Dennis, sort of. After maintaining his campaign through to the convention, presumably in hopes of having some small voice in the platform or direction of the campaign, he must feel like the biggest sap in the world. The Democratic Party leadership used him. They used Howard Dean. And, when it comes to the issue of Ralph Nader, they demonstrated they can be just as thuggish as Karl Rove's Republicans.

The national Democratic Party is now firmly under the control of the corporate minions of the Democratic Leadership Council. Given its despicable, undemocratic and hypocritical behavior this year, it has, in my opinion, become corrupt beyond redemption. The best thing progressives like Dennis Kucinich can do now is to abandon that sinking ship while they still have a sliver of credibility (and integrity) left.

Michigan, USA