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Columbian Front page Analysis

From one of two major rags that brought to you WAR and all its devious falsehoods, lets consider the Holloween news for Sunday, 10/31/2004
Spiderman Questioning War Criminals
Spiderman Questioning War Criminals
Wow first off, the major article its from a columbian staff writter and not an AP writter. Unfortunately, the other articles are from AP. AP of course brought you so many lies I can't understand why any paper would not editorialize in the lines to help the reader decern unsupported information.

Intrest high-so is acrimony:

This article starts with a big picture and an interview of a wounded 22 year old who has not made up his mind up about the presidential election candidate. That should tell you the quality of the mind of our citizenry as well as the efficacy of our school system in training citizens. (Never talk to reporters;)

Next: Candidate try for boost from bin Ladens re-emergence:-AP article
(I am ready for all kinds of crap to be in this one lets take a look)

""Its very helpful to the pResident" says jhon mccain(senator who brought you war). "

"Bush Declared, "The terrorist who killed thousands of innocent people are dangerous and they are determined"" Note Bush mostly says the opposite of what he means and this statement is best interprted by replacing the terrorist with that of the "US gov."

"It was wrong to divert our forces in Afganistan so that we could rush to war in Iraq without a plan for peace," said the democratic challenger".....

Note the dissasociation of kerry from his words in that paragraph by the writters. Note too, the validity of this tape is never questioned.

My question to the reader is why all this BUSH KERRY wallowing in the sewage of fear on a tape that may be fake? Is depotic powers trying to gain a foot hold here?

Lastly from the Front Page another AP writter gives us dead marines:

Nine Marines killed by insurgents in Iraq

Note the title does not use terrorist to state the opposition. I infer here that we our in a guerilla war. The article move from the dead marines to dead civilians killed and wounded someelse and to some dead jap idealist killed again somewhere else again who needs a head coffin.

Magically civilians get dead and wounded to drive up the insurgncy threat but only marines get dead to drive down the insrgency effectiveness. That is wounded marines are un important. That is this article is primarialy to report the dead and not the effectiveness of the insurgency...

Obvious Prediction: The battle of falluja is to come soon. Will this help or hurt bush if this Battle occurs before the election?