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government | human & civil rights | imperialism & war selection 2004

Buy Guns and Stock Up On Ammo!

As a progressive who has watched and feared government since Nixon, I have always stood by those right-wingers who support the 2nd Amendment! And now the time has come...
That everybody should know why... The Red Coats Are Coming! The Red Coats Are Coming!
Wise up... 30.Oct.2004 19:50


More violence, to resolve violence...

you are a fruitcake...

Try buying food for the starving. (SmartFruit - Bill Hicks)

It is people like you, we are trying to remove from the face of the Earth.

Braindead, child killers.

Do yourself a favor, put some of that ammo in the back of your own head, it will fill in some of the gap.

Mandrake, Get Over Here! 30.Oct.2004 20:03

The RedCoats are coming!


Hey Kudos 30.Oct.2004 20:03

A. Pessimist

Are you suggesting a cerebral infusion of caloric plumbum? This is the normal treatment where euthanasia is indicated. There are more than a few of us who could use a dose.

Along with ammo, I'd recommend stocking up on whiskey and tobacco. This kind of stuff could become awesome trading items.

on the other hand 30.Oct.2004 20:10


That would be fine, if matter existed after 2011.

The economy is dead.

Give up the ghost...time to go.

re kudos the pure 30.Oct.2004 20:53

taxpaying childkiller

...oh, your moral superiority is so daunting. no doubt you pay your taxes and obey the law of the land, so you are complicit in the depredations of our noble freedom spreading empire. your government murders children all over the earth, your businessmen poison the children here, so do us all a favor and go disarm the paid killers of the state as they're the ones that make this stinking shitpile country possible.

another option... 30.Oct.2004 21:36


Uh, yeah, if we all fucking go nuts and try to kill eachother, then ammo, etc., could be handy. On the other hand, we could all... I dunno, WISE THE HELL UP, realise that we are BETTER OFF WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, HIERARCHY, OPPRESSION... and oh say, work with eachother for the benefit of humanity. This is an option anyone can participate in, regardless of race, class, etc. You can do it without a car, with no big screen T.V. no weapons.. it's pretty inclusive.
Just relax, take over the means of production and distribution, educate people about non-hierarchical organization and anti-oppression. It's not the simplest plan, but then again, when is the easy path ever really better in the long run?

Peace works, just not when there are those who have, and have not.

P.S. don't tell me it's fucking 'human nature' when the people who profit the most are the least human!

how hi can they hear? 31.Oct.2004 17:15

bat ears

I love the last line of the last comment.

I read somewhere else in here that over 80% of us who support Kerry over Bush are nearly too smart for our own good. Bravo!