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Divided America Requires Succession

If this is how the Republicans want to live and the right-wing sheep of this nation want to follow their ruling elites blindly, then should this election be stolen or lost, the time will have come for the Left put succession bills in all states that are strongly Democratic.
Should our elected officials betray us and effectively end everything the USA was founded for, then not permit the people to legally sue for their voters rights, then the time will have come for the people to take up arms against their oppressors.

We should all contact our friends and family in the military and tell them the time for revolution has arrived. Those states that are strongly Democratic should sue for the right to succeed the Union and return to our Democratic prinicipals. Let the Republicans form their little police state in the Bible Belt states--Oklahoma and Texas over to North Carolina and down to Florida. We'll take all the peace-loving, open-minded, Democrats who wish to flee and seek asylum and banish the radical right to cities like Houston and Tulsa where they will find company in their own.
"succession" ??!? - S_E_C_E_S_S_I_O_N. S_E_C_E_D_E. 30.Oct.2004 19:33

correct English usage makes you appear coherent


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Secession is the act of withdrawing from an organization or union, used particularly in the case of the Southern states of the United States seceding prior to the American Civil War. A "reverse" secession of sorts happened at this time when the northwestern counties of Virginia seceded to form the state of Kanawha (now West Virginia), in order to remain in the Union.

More local examples of secession also exist, such as Piedmont, California, which was part of Oakland before seceding from the latter in 1907, and the ultimately abandoned movement among residents of Staten Island to break away from New York City, which attracted much attention in the 1980s and early 1990s.

There have been modern secessionist movements in the United States. One, called Cascadia, and another in reference to the creation of a more secularized American government, to be run by Atheists.

Perseverence 30.Oct.2004 21:09


If at first you don't secede, try, try again.

New England as ready to secede first 30.Oct.2004 21:55


Actually, sponged from the brain-numbing U.S. history books, the first succession was being planned in 1814-5 by NORTHERN MERCHANTS in New England. They were plotting to pull completely out of the U.S. because the War of 1812 was hurting both their profits as well as their cultural inclinations. These states of course were led by Anglophile elites (what's new?)


Instead of us seceding (I hope I spelled that right) 30.Oct.2004 23:35


I think we should run the Republicans out of our country. Come on. Secession is a pipe dream.

Besides, when you talk about secession it makes it sound like the country belongs to them and we need to break away.

Hell, Bush only has 50% support even with all their dirty tricks and mind control. They're weak as hell. People are getting wise.

my pet peeve 31.Oct.2004 07:54

w's goatfriend

For many years, I have been trying to revise history for my peers. I think that abraham lincoln was probably the worst president ever, even including w.
1. Lincoln was a railroad lawyer. His primary interest in holding a divided country together was to
make the transcontinental railroad a reality for his corporate masters.
2. The "civil war" was much bloodier than anything since, medical technology was still in the dark
ages, though modern weaponry was starting to appear.
3. If lincoln had had the decency to let the south self-determine, all the nut jobs in the south
would not be able to dictate how we run our country.

I think secession would be a great idea (and proper spelling), especially for the west coast and cascadia. Let the conservatives/fascists have the warm states. Give them a little preview of hell.
Let 'em find high ground in florida when the oceans rise. Though I'd like to see this administration exiled to saudi arabia in toto, texas would do if it's not part of my country.
Oh, one last thing. If the bushco junta is returned to texas, the free states of america should repudiate bushco's deficit, and send that bill to texas, too.
I do fear that we may be headed for another civil war, and bushco may just be hankering for the opportunity to kill and oppress more fellow countrymen than lincoln.
Though I hate bushco more as an individual and a junta, when it comes to hating our leaders, I'd rather hate kerry(silghtly less), and look forward to that opportunity.

ecotopia 31.Oct.2004 07:57

fox macbeagh

read ecotopia if you can find it. it is a blue print for a revolution.