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the night the lights went out in georgia

local activist, anarchist and independent media producer raided and jailed
for immediate release:
octber 30 10:00 pm est
at approimately 6:45 pm friday the 29th of october 2004 agents of the the jttf (joint terrorism task force) accompanied by atlanta police and marta police served a search warrant for the home and studio of uglf organizer and independent multi media producer Jay Welin. the main reason for the search and siezure of nearly 45 vhs tapes, 10 hi 8 cassettes, nearly one hundered cd-roms, cdr's, and cdr-w's three computers and a digital camera was the prop "devices" used in my latest project entitled "nothing is safe". it was an attempt by the jttf to prevent you from seeing this project when completed. the synopsis is fact and fiction meeting to the point of horror. a anarchist group invites in a journalist to cover their actions, these actions are based on using digital media as a weapon.

so with the fact that i have been "knocked" from the air waves, communications and organizing ability have been destroyed as well as preventing this project from being completed in time to possibly impact the outcome of the election. in addition to prevent myself and others who have formed a solidarity network from organizing any pre/post-election action.

in addition heather and i were both arrested by atlanta police for a petty possession of marijuana, which even atlanta police commented that typically the amount would not have been an arrestible offense. instead at the fbi's request to allow un-restricted and complete access to our home apd took us into custody. we posted bound and were released at approximately 3:30 am saturday the 30 of oct.

the mainstream media have been called and we gave our first interview regarding the incident. it is suppposed to be reported in the sunday 31 oct. atlanta journal constitution. the journalist who is covering this story is don plummer. also other media outlets are rerviewing the story as it develops. this is not a call for sympathy but a cry for outrage at the nearly totatilitarian attacks on our right to free speech. granted i may have streched my right all the way to the limit by i never borke it. i likewise have notified the aclu and i am awaiting advisment.

this is not the end, only the end of the beginning. look for more arrests and searches across the country on others who have previously been targeted by the jttf/ homeland security. the pattern should follow if it hasn't begun already of activists, organizers and voices of the dissent being silenced.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/u_ge_l_f

i am outraged this happened, but 31.Oct.2004 11:11

pdx activist

it goes to show why, if you're involved in political activities the gov't doesn't like, you have to avoid certain illegalities, like having marijuana around your place. i lived in Minneapolis when a radical activist house was busted by the local cops with FBI and DEA agents in tow; the cops took the activists' political material and computers, broke a bunch of stuff, and beat one of the activists up pretty bad. all this while everyone else had their hands cuffed behind their back and made to lie face down on the floor. the reason given for the raid: drug bust. and indeed, they found a small amount of marijuana and some "drug paraphenelia". of course, the marijuana wasn't the reason they busted the place, but it provided the EXCUSE. we have to give these folks as few excuses as possible.

i am not ragging on you, uglf/b_4, and as i said i'm outraged by what happened to you and your work. but this is a good opportunity to warn other activists how to try to avoid having the same thing happen to them.

good luck, and keep us updated.