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One of the BIGGER lies ever told by the pResident about Saddam; his capture...

I didn't see any reference to this when it was circulating the world last year and I thought that it might help sway some voters who might otherwise vote for the Bushit. Pass it on to those that you know, maybe at your workplaces on Monday.
Editorial Comment
A clarification of our article "Palm Trees Never Lie"
By Drunvalo Melchizedek, Editor-in-Chief
There have been many readers who have asked that we clarify the article "Palm Trees Never Lie". This article was written by Susan Barber, but she didn't make it clear as to why we were writing this article - what the point was. So in this article, it will be made clear.
Because of the kind of lies that our government has been telling the world, America's reputation has been greatly diminished. The following is only one example, but there are hundreds more. And because of these lies, the world no longer respects America.
To be sure, Saddam Hussein is a very bad person, and has done great harm to his own people as well as the world. It is a better world without him. This article is not about whether Saddam should be captured or not, it is about personal and political integrity of the President of the United States. And further, what we are saying is that it is wrong, legally and morally, to time the fake date of Saddam's capture to hurt Bush's Democratic opponents for personal political gain. Read on and you'll understand.
In late November 2003 and early December 2003, the Democrats were attacking George W. Bush for entering into the Iraq war and for not capturing Saddam Hussein (also Osama Bin Ladin). Just at the moment that the Democrats were really beginning to reach a fever pitch, on December 15th, 2003, Bush announces to the world that he captured Saddam.
The Democrats screamed foul believing that something was amiss. It seemed so blatant. But they could prove nothing. So the real question now is, was it true? Did Bush capture Saddam on December 15th, 2003 as he said or was it a lie and a political move to improve his personal political image.
The original photograph that circled the media world showed the hole from which Saddam Hussein was removed and two US soldiers holding the lid to the hole. In the background is a date tree with bright yellow dates in a bunch, and it is these dates that proves Bush altered the truth for his own political good.
How can dates prove Bush lied? Out of one of the botany web sites we read.
1. The botanical name for this Palm tree in this photo is called: Phoenix diactylifera,. (There are more of these palm trees in Irag than Iraqis).
2. These dates go through 4 stages of development: 1) Chimri, or Kimri, stage, the first 17 weeks after pollination: green, hard, bitter, 80% moisture, 50% sugars (glucose and fructose) by dry weight; 2) Khalal stage, the next 6 weeks: become full grown, still hard; color changes to yellow, orange or red, sugars increase, become largely sucrose; 3 ) Rutab stage, the next 4 weeks: half-ripe; soften, turn light brown; some sucrose reverts to reducing sugar which gains prominence; 4) Tamar stage: ripe; the last 2 weeks; in soft dates, the sugar becomes mostly reducing sugar; semidry and dry dates will have nearly 50% each of sucrose and reducing sugars.
The very last day of harvest of the dates is about December 15th. Then from December 16th to about February 1st., the Phoenix diactylifera rests with no fruit on the tree whatsoever.
It is impossible for a palm tree to have bright yellow dates on the tree on December 15th. If there were any they would be light brown, super ripe and falling off the tree.
It would be to us here in America like seeing a photo of a cherry tree in full spring bloom and the government saying that the picture was taken on December 15th. No US citizen would believe it, and neither did any of the Arab citizens that saw the yellow dates. We lost what little credibility in the Arab world we may have had. We know this because the Arab world was screaming "lie" all over the Internet because of these yellow dates.
Not only did Bush tell it differently than it actually happened, but it appears that the Bush administration performed a worldwide cover up to hide the photo showing the yellow dates everywhere it had been shown. They must have realized the mistake they had made within hours of the photos release. The photo only appeared in the media for one day around the world and then it was cropped (in all cases we could find) to only include the view of the hole.
When we went back to find the full original photo with the bright yellow dates, which was less than two weeks after the photo was released to the world, the photo was gone from the world data bases. And we mean gone. After two days of searching, no photo could be found with the bright yellow dates in it anywhere in the world. What photos we could find, in every single case, had been cropped leaving out the bright yellow dates. On many sites the photo was simply missing.
Finally we found a data base in Bangladesh where they had the original photo and two others from the same camera that show the same hole and the same bright yellow dates from two slightly different angles. But these photos were hidden off the site where it was intended they be trashed. If a search was done for these photos, they would not have been found. It was a mistake, but one that allowed this truthful story to be told.
So Bush captured Saddam probably in July, August, September or even late October, and then kept it secret from the world. This in itself could probably be rationalized in some war-related way, but the reason he picked December 15th to say he caught Saddam would be obvious to any Democrat if they knew the truth.
It was at that time that the Democrats began to hit Bush for the Iraqi war and his failure to capture Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Ladin. Right at the peak of the Democrat's attack, George W. Bush decided to release the news that Saddam had just been caught making the Democrats look stupid, and making Bush look very good in the eyes of the American voters.
Many Democrats cried foul at the time, and said that it sure was funny that Saddam was captured just at that moment. But they could prove nothing. What the Democrats can now prove with this simple picture is that Bush absolutely lied to the world and then used his Presidential power for his own personal political gain. This is about as low as you can get, and it has done incredible harm to our relationships with the Arab countries and the rest of the world that knows the truth.
Do you know that when George W. Bush took power of the US government, according to CNN, 37% of the people of the world hated the United States. This is what Bush had to inherit from America's past actions, and it was not his fault.
And then right after 9/11 the number of people who respected us and lent us support rose dramatically and this negative number dropped, and it did not change during the Afghanistan war. The world understood why we were in that war.
But when we entered into the Iraq war practically alone and against the United Nations and almost every country in the world and with a preemptive war for the first time in American history, the number of people who hated or strongly disagreed with us rose off the scales, according to CNN, to 87% of the world.
And this 87% figure was before the sexual/torture abuse scandal of our prisons in foreign countries. Now it has to be that 95% or more of the world hates us. Almost the entire world has no respect for America because of Bush's actions in Iraq.
I travel the world and go somewhere every three weeks, and have for about twenty years. Believe me, there has been an incredible change everywhere for Americans since the Iraq war. People everywhere look down on us for the way our government has conducted itself. It is downright embarrassing to be American.
This is the real problem. The world is no longer made up of separate countries. It only appears that way. America can't continue to act like we have in the past. We must adapt. We are now One World, financially, politically, and morally. We cannot lie to the world as we did with the "yellow dates" and expect to gain respect, which is absolutely necessary if we are to bring balance in this world.
My prayer is that we find and elect leaders who will be honorable and honest and lead the way for America to be a respected partner in forming this new incredible world we live in. America becoming arrogant, lying, going around the United Nations, breaking international law with torture, and resulting in almost the entire world hating us is definitely not the way to bring peace to our world or to America.
Bush says that America is safer because he took us to war in Iraq, but 95% of the world will not agree with his statement. There are more countries allied against the United States now than before the Iraq war, even many of our is in the most danger it has ever been at this moment, and most of us all know it and fear the consequences of where Bush has led us. Intelligence is not Bush's major suit.
It's time for a ne"friends". America w president and a new way of relating in this One World we all live in. It's time to regain our American pride and respect.

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hole in the ground 30.Oct.2004 23:04

Catalina Eddie

"The original photograph that circled the media world showed the hole from which Saddam Hussein was removed and two US soldiers holding the lid to the hole. In the background is a date tree with bright yellow dates in a bunch, and it is these dates that proves Bush altered the truth for his own political good."

I'm not sure of the context of the photo with the yellow dates (it was noted at the time saddam capture was announced). I do remember though, that all the media said he was found in a spider hole in a house covered with household stuff. What is the tie of the yellow date photo to Saddam's capture? If'fn we're gonna nail the boy emperor we had better get our story straight.


Date or palm? 31.Oct.2004 00:32


And why do you call it a "palm" tree and a "date" tree interchangably?

Catalina and ? 31.Oct.2004 09:04

99th monkey

All botanical sources that I can find, interchangeably call the date palm either a date tree or a date palm, depending on the author. To start with, I did not author the article, Drunvalo Melchizedek did, whom I have a very high regard for and who put his neck on the chopping block many times. For another example of something he has authored, see the local Sept/Oct New Connexion feature article about global warming... Information that has been suppressed by, no surprise here, the British and U.S. governments... But back to your questions. Yes, there are at last count over 370 recognized hybrids of date palms in Iraq as the Iraqis have been using cross-pollinization techniques for thousands of years. As date palms are a sexually differentiated fruiting tree, they have kept a very small number of males separated from the females and they hand-pollinate the females usually in March. Hence, little or no date harvest in 2003... Commercially, there are 2 major varieties, Medjool, the dark-brown ones that most of the world is familiar with and the higher-profit but highly perishable local-consumption-only Bahri, which is harvested during the earlier Kahlal stage of the fruiting when it is honey-yellow and very sweet, unlike almost any other variety. However, normally the Bahri variety is taller, described in sources as Distinguishing Characteristics: Heavy trunk of a medium height, moderately curved green leaves, slightly drooping pinnae. Add to the fact that the pictures available except for the 2 that survived the purge 2 days after the story broke makes me VERY SUSPICIOS that the U.S. govt had something to hide, something that they did not want scientific analysis about... I have been giving the current govt in our country the same that they have been giving me and my friends........ GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT; THEY LIE...... Until an independent source goes to the compound that is claimed to have the spider hole where Saddam was captured in Dec. last year and proves that the date palm in the picture is a variety that could have yellow dates un-harvested in December, I am assuming that our govt is lying and that the picture was taken months earlier than claimed and that the timing of Saddam's capture was delayed until the most advantageous moment.

For and excellent source of information, go to the UN FAO site about date palms:

OH, additionally, so far it seems that Monsanto, ADM, et al have not patented the date palm genome...... not that there hasn't been a LOT of research into the biogenetics of the Phoenix dactylifera by the Israelis, Morrocans and in the UAE...
So far the funded research, one of the few real reconstruction efforts that some of the $ has been spent on; the Iraqis themselves have developed better methods of propogation, or cloning, to help replace the millions of acres of orchards that the U.S. military has destroyed...