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Make a copy of your ballot as a souvenir

Enjoy what may be our last election.
Hey, have those ballots copied and laminated or framed because this
may very well be the last election as we know it in this-our-country.
The system has been corrupted beyond turning back or fixing it..
Enjoy it while you can.
The name of the beast 30.Oct.2004 17:54

Matt Marriott

I just tested nyc.indymedia.org[/b], to see if it was now, like indymedia.org, operated by the government (I exposed that three weeks ago here, right after the seizure of the servers by the FBI) :

The test yielded the results I expected. But instead of deleting the thread this time they just flagged it as "Hidden", so that it would not be visible to visitors ... (check the red bar on top, labeled Hidden with code "Other")


It's too late 30.Oct.2004 20:16

Justin Voter

Dang, I shouldda thought of that. It's a great idea but the stinkin ballot is already in the box.

What a great thing it would have been to pass along to my children, and my children's children.

Now all they will have is my word. That to be compared to the word of Diebold.

we should have done that last time 31.Oct.2004 18:00

back in 2000

Because that was the stolen election that led to the mess we are in now.
Come to think of it, I wonder about other elections in the past? How confident are we that they weren't tampered with, too? Help, I think I am losing my innocence.