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Every Vote Counts in Every State for Nader/Camejo

Washington, DC: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader today held a press conference to tell the American voter: "You have power with your vote. Use it wisely. Every vote counts. If you oppose the illegal war and occupation in Iraq, vote for a candidate who opposes the war - not one who supports it. If you want health care for all, vote for a candidate that has put forward a plan for health care for all - not those that leave millions without health care. If you believe all full time workers should be able to support themselves and their families on their salary, vote for a candidate who will fight for a living wage - not those that remain silent on the rights of workers."
October 28, 2004

We have seen in recent elections how the two major parties will fight to prevent voters from voting or from voting for the candidate of their choice. They manipulate registration lists by removing people from the voting roles or even adding people who don't exist to the registration roles. Our campaign has been subjected to an unprecedented effort to prevent millions of voters from having the choice of voting for Nader/Camejo. And, we have seen the country move to paperless electronic voting on machines that can be manipulated and which do not allow a real recount. I've offered the Nader/Camejo campaign to voting rights activists so they can be credentialed and monitor elections because I want to ensure that every vote counts. ...This campaign will not be the end of fighting back against those Democrats who committed constitutional crimes against the voters of America by working to deny them a real choice on the ballot - we will not forget their political bigotry.

Nader/Camejo is running a 50 state campaign. It is the only campaign to do so. One of the problems with the Electoral College is that it renders 41 states irrelevant to the campaigns. The major parties don't campaign there because they already know who is going to win in a winner-take-all system. "It is not healthy for our democracy for voters not to see the candidates for president. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. has introduced H.J.R. 109 which would amend the Constitution to abolish the electoral college and provide for direct election of the president by majority vote. Today, I endorse that amendment," said Nader.

The Nader/Camejo campaign released several documents highlighting the importance of voting.

To Be or Not To Be A Supervoter: The three "F"'s - flattered, fooled and flummoxed - prevent voters from voting their interests. Voters need to learn how to become impervious to political manipulation and become supervoters who get political leaders who represent them and not the monied interests who dominate the U.S. government.

Voter's Pledge: A statement for voters to live up to - a call on voters to become "civic participators" who question the candidates, learn about their positions, discuss them with friends and relatives and encourage good people to run for office.

An Invitation to Join the American Society of Apathetics: For the 80-100 million Americans who do not regularly participate, Nader-Camejo is creating a club for them - so that they can find kindred spirits with other non-voters, so they can endure together the deprivation and disrespect politics will give them for their non-participation. "It would be far better, however if you are apathetic because you are unrepresented or have been denied the candidate of your choice - to get active," said Nader.

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