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Bring Democracy Now! to KBOO

It is time to bring Amy Goodman's Pacifica radio program Democracy Now! to the airwaves of Portland.
Amy Goodman's hardhitting war and peace report on the program Democracy Now! Is
te only national news program that asks the tough questions and gets to the truth of what is happening at home and abroad. Particularly in light of this crucial election season, DN! has never been more important. However, the only way to listen or watch it in Portland, is to pay to watch it on cable channel 23.

KBOO needs to step up to the plate and air this crucial program on our community radio station. Now is the time!!!! Please call or email KBOO or help set up a petition of signatures to get this essential program on our airwaves!!!

PEACE and Please Respond!!!
Or listen on the internet 31.Oct.2004 13:56


That is if you have a fast connection or work in an environment that'll let you listen to webcasts.
I'd guess it'd be a question of what locally produced programs they'd be willing to dump in order to make room for a nationally syndicated show. And what KBOO volunteer would be willing to step aside and let it run.
Although I do agree that DN is a great show and listen often, I like the fact that KBOO has a dedicated news department and hope it grows into something big.
Who knows, maybe into something that OTHERS could consider picking up in other communities.

I like KBOO 31.Oct.2004 18:04

and their news is independent & often locally produced

I wouldn't want KBOO to give up a thing! Not even to add Amy Goodman.
Can't we hear or see transcripts of Amy's show on the 'Net?