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Reflections on America on the eve of the Elections---Palestinian Perspective

Reflections on America on the eve of the Elections

By Ibrahim Ebeid

As an American citizen from Arab origin I find myself torn up between the Country of my origin and my adopted country. I am American by choice, not by chance like the majority of the Americans whose parents or ancestors immigrated to the United States hundreds of decades ago.

I was forced to leave my country of origin, because my adopted country, the United States of America, chose to support the Zionists to occupy my country of origin, Palestine.

When I was in my teens I became a refugee. Like millions of my compatriots I lived in misery in refugee camps hoping to return to our homes, to our towns and villages as we were promised. Many generations died in agony, anxious to return, and their descendants are still dreaming. More than half a century has passed and we are still waiting.

Two decades after I became refugee I was destined to settle in the United States. Whether I like it or not I am here in the land of the Indians.

Unfortunately, all the US presidents are misleading the American people and engraving in their minds that "Israel" which I like to call the Zionist entity, has the right to exist in my native land! And they described my people who were and still are the victims of American and Zionist terror as aggressors. They are accusing my Palestinian people of being terrorists for defending their endangered existence. My new adopted country, the United States helped annihilate the country of my origin Palestine and forced my people to live in miserable refugee camps for decades. The United States along with the European ones, without any exclusion, ignored the right of the entire population of Palestine to continue living in their country and helped create this racist settler colonialist state in our midst. The citizens of my country of origin, believing in their right to return to their homes, to establish their own state are resisting American Imperialism and racist Zionism by all means available to them. The Zionist soldiers are fighting the Palestinians with guns, missiles artillery and with the latest weaponry from the American arsenal. Unfortunately, my people are using their bodies as weapons to resist the Zionist invasion and occupation, because they are deprived and forbidden to have any modern weapons to defend themselves.

The United States of America occupied Iraq for two reasons, one reason was to destroy Iraq, which always has stood with the Palestinians and supported them through the years of bitter struggle against the most racist movement that ever existed, Zionism espoused with US Imperialism. More so, the US launched its war of destruction against Iraq because the Government of President Saddam Hussein refused to give any concession to the Zionist-US Imperialism that is trying horrifically to annihilate the entire Arab nation and probably the Muslim peoples around the World. President Saddam Hussein belongs to a genuine Arab movement that believes in the total liberation of Palestine and the rest of the Arab Land in order to unite the Arab World in one United State. His belief did not accommodate the racist US-Zionist vision and this triggered George W. Bush to invade the Land of the Two Great Rivers.

The second reason was the US and Zionist ambition to occupy the oilfields in order to control the oil prices that benefit their partners in Corporate America. We see the result of this aggression. It is not painful to the Iraqi people alone but also to the American people whose young men and women are paying a heavy price, they are dying for "Israel" and for oil. Now Americans are digging deep into their pockets to pay for gasoline.

We are approaching the Election Day; on November 2, 2004 we will have an elected President or a selected one. It happened in the year 2000 when George W. Bush was selected and was imposed upon the American people against the will of the majority.

To me, it does not matter whether Bush or Kerry becomes the elected or selected President. It does not make any difference whether we have the one or the other. They both are controlled and dominated by the Zionist movement and by Corporate America.

"Change of regime" does not matter. What matters, is the change of the heart of America. We need a radical change where human life and dignity of all nations are respected. A radical change is needed in the United States of America to eradicate unemployment, to give a chance to people to advance economically, to have affordable medicine for every individual. We need to eradicate homelessness and help everyone to have homes to raise their families without fear of loosing their dwellings to the banks or mortgage companies. We are in need of total reform in the systems at all levels in the United States. We need to live in peace and harmony with all nations. This will be achieved when we liberate America from racist Zionist dominance and make America indeed the land of the free.

I respect my roots and I am proud to be an Arab. I believe in Arab Unity in a single nation that entitles the Arab nation to live in dignity, and honor, in peace and security.

I believe that the Arab people form one single nation and have the right to struggle to achieve this noble aim.

I hope that the anti war and peace movements heed my humble words; together we can make the change

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