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What if Bush wins?

What are you going to do if Bush wins?
So what are you all going to do if Bush wins? I've heard so much bitching and whining over the past four years, I'm curious if I'm going to hear four more years of it if he wins or if you're going to leave the country or what?

By the way, "Bush isn't going to win the election" isn't an acceptable answer. Suck it up and realize that there is a pretty damn good chance of it.

Bush is going to lose. 30.Oct.2004 14:18

period, end.

at this stage of the campaign - lame as Kerry/Edwards is - they're still a much stronger candidacy vs. Bush/Cheney than Gore/Lieberman was.

not even the "Osama tape" or widespread Diebold-electronic vote fraud can save him now.

plus all of BushCo.'s total fuck-ups, which a large majority of US public are now quite well aware of.

8 US Marines were killed yesterday in Iraq, and 17 more taken prisoner - it only reflects bad on the incumbent . . .

Troll Bait 30.Oct.2004 14:51

troll sniffer

Eat up, bud.

Even if Bush can "Win" 30.Oct.2004 15:02


He'll never make it through a second term. The real question if what will BUSH do if he wins. The country cannot continue to go down the same path.

Whatcha gonna do...............??? 30.Oct.2004 15:35


What are you going to do if Bush wins?

Be ready for the coming revolution.

Bush isn't going to win the "election" -- and you are right on this, and
it is one thing we agree on.

Emperor George II will be selected by the Amerikan Extreme Court in 2004, just
like he was in the last selection of 2000.

To Capitalist 30.Oct.2004 15:58

Pravda or Consequences

If Bush wins, I will hunt you down and eat you.

I'll bet you are as tasty as you are stupid.

the great thing about NOT having voted for Kerry/Edwards 30.Oct.2004 16:18


that if they do end up tanking,

I'll have no arbitrary sense of "loss" whatsoever.

(but all the current statistics do, in fact, point to a Kerry/Edwards land slide on Nov. 3rd)

Hit the streets no matter what! 30.Oct.2004 17:08

Pink Emma

After the elections, then what?

Will Measure 36 pass?
Who will be president?
(will we know?)

What will you do?


* 3PM South Park Blocks
SW 9th & Clay, Portland, Oregon
more info:  info@codepinkportland.org

* 5PM Pioneer Courthouse Square
SW 6th and Yamhill, Portland, Oregon
more info:  antiwar11_3@yahoo.com

* 7PM Critical Mass
north park blocks to everywhere

* GDC Jail Support
PDF Flyer - 3PM South Park Blocks
PDF Flyer - 3PM South Park Blocks
PDF Flyer - 5PM Pioneer Courthouse Square
PDF Flyer - 5PM Pioneer Courthouse Square

Bush will win Florida 31.Oct.2004 10:08


Well there's no way Bush will lose Florida, Jeb Bush the governor there won't allow it. Remember in 2000 when Gore would concede, Bush told Gore his brother told him he has it locked in. Even Castro, who's intelligence agency is concidered one of the best in the world (compared favorably to Israel's), is just a few miles away from Florida, and watches things pretty closely in the US because his existence depends on it, has said the Florida election was fixed (he even says he has documented proof.) Kerry just won't be able to make up the 21 votes he'll lose in Florida.