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Al-Fallujah, You Will Surely Win a Great Victory!

Article I wrote for the On-line Arab Revolutionary Journal Al-Moharer,  http://al-moharer.net
Al-Fallujah, You Will Surely Win a Great Victory!

By John Paul Cupp


Al-Fallujah, how the Zionist United States of America wildly dreams of your subjugation! Despite all the obstacles that you are confronting, you speak for all of us. Purging the occupiers from the land of the Two Rivers you, and the rest of Iraq, will be free. The Arabs will be united in one single nation. Imperialism and Zionism are doomed and will be defeated and the era of independence and liberation will triumph.

History has shown that your National Liberation War will surely triumph. Popular resistance has beaten the United States before, beaten the Zionist entity before, and it has won countless of anti-colonial and national liberation wars.

Is the imperialist-Zionist "globalization" dictatorship showing its ever-militaristic nature to destroy you? . Are the US tanks and military targeting and pounding your popular base areas? Are they attempting to humiliate the Ummah as Ramadan continues? Because you are the dream of self-determination they will fail ! You are dignity and dignified. Nothing but anger chokes down rage. How much sicker, and more contemptuous, can the fascists of our era be in their admitting to bombarding Iraq and putting it under siege as a "gift" for the Muslim holy month? Their crimes will not go unpunished and their aggression will end through your resistance and through the resistance of the Iraqi people across the land of the cradle of civilization.

Holding your head high amidst great adversity, the world will sing your name one day! A revolutionary Arab nation will be free and it will be because of many Al-Fallujahs, many Gazas, and many Intifadahs. Al-Fallujah is the graveyard of the US imperialist enemy, may death be upon the common hated aggressor!

Despite the fact, of the overwhelming majority of the United States of America's anti-war and anti-globalization movement surrendering to imperialism and Zionism, the Arab and Islamic resistance will surely win. Now is the time for the progressive and revolutionary forces in the US and other aggressor nations, to support the Iraqi Resistance, including the Ba'athist leadership. Now is the time to correct certain mistakes, which we have made that objectively aided imperialism and Zionism. Not only for Al-Fallujah, but also for the vitality of our own struggle, let us kick out the imperialist and Zionist elements from our midst and wage an ideological struggle amongst our peers. Let us study together this phenomenon of Zionism, and let us declare it as a common racist enemy for humanity!

Victory and fate are in the hands of the people themselves who show us their pride and that they control their own destiny. What is wrong with those of us in the anti-war movement is not what is wrong with you, Al-Fallujah. There is no reason to believe that "international law" can act as a substitute to the people resisting.

Even as Moqtada Al-Sadr continues to consider encouraging the heroic resistance of the Al-Mahdi Army to lay down arms, and to cooperate with the occupation government, as its "anti-occupation" wing, the resistance in Iraq continues. Najaf has shown such bravery and martyrdom, that one cannot help but hope that Al-Sadr has the foresight and courage to continue the resistance. His followers should integrate fully with Iraqi National Resistance.

The perfect lion is a champion. Al-Fallujah, you have been called a symbol, but more than that you most perfectly are a guide to action. You are the champion, which calls for the fight to continue until victory.

Al-Fallujah, as you are Sin Chon Ri and My Lai, likewise you are Algiers, Stalingrad, and Beirut. We have seen that "carpet bombing" is not going to work the same way, for your Ba'athist leadership has lured the occupier into a ground war that the invaders cannot win. The world has already seen that you are defeating them. Al-Fallujah, you will beat them again and again, and again. You will beat them in a war of attrition, because there is nothing for the occupied to lose.

When in broad daylight the resistance liberated about 100 resistance detainees, the occupiers vowed to crush the lion. How they killed the innocents! Nonetheless, let it be affirmed that you, Al-Fallujah remained an Arab base area. The people demanded the release of the detained resistance, and through action they granted their own requests.

When the mercenaries of the Blackwater Corporation came to "serve and protect" the occupation's monstrous plunder, the mercenaries were shot, dragged through the streets to the cheers of the crowd, hung from a bridge direct action style, the occupiers perceived it as if an American, or Zionist flag, had been set on fire. The occupiers vowed revenge. The enemy attacked in the most brutal of ways, but defeat was their lot.

Al-Fallujah you are a fortress. This is war. You did not wish a war on your soil, but since it was forced upon you, there is to be no mercy against unprovoked aggression. The United States of America, ringleader of the world imperialism, will only abandon its proxy war for "Israel" because violent force gives them no option but to "cut their losses".

The US military and all boot-licker troops are doomed to defeat. The cause of proxy wars for the security of "Israel", the human base of imperialism in the heart of the Arab nation, dividing its east wing from its west, is a cause that will fail. The United States of America, all her sons and daughters are hell-bound with this fascist beast, should there not be a parting of the ways, before the hour is too late.

We scream for you Al-Fallujah ! Let us dare to dream big like you, Al-Fallujah ! Strike! Retreat! No surrender, but the surrender of the enemy. Though your forces have no tanks, no depleted uranium, or fighter planes, the occupiers will leave in defeat carrying body bags of aggression cannon fodder. If you,

Al-Fallujah can throw your own best and brightest loves at death unselfishly, in defiant triumph, then we from within the aggressor countries, in opposing the common hated enemy can carry on the struggle to win the anti-war movement to a pro-resistance position and we can dare to defend the right to fight back. We must educate the multitudes while laying down principled stances against blatant opportunists. In a nutshell, when the masses justly resist, it is an honor and an obligation to stand in support of such resistance.

The Ba'athist-led united front under the command of Commander Izzat Al-Douri has made it clear that there is no compromise or dialogue under occupation. Nothing short of the legitimate government, headed by the detained President, His Excellency Saddam Hussein, is acceptable. Outside powers cannot simply walk right into a nation, detain its leadership, and call for the style of government desired by severing people to be overturned, even if such is labeled "regime change" or such leadership are labeled "dictators". When one enters a house by force, they can expect nothing short of bullets and bombs. The violence of the oppressed and the oppressor is not the same. Saddam Hussein, the most steadfastly pro-Palestinian Arab leader since Gamal Nasser, is not "just as bad" as Bush Jr. and Sharon. Al-Fallujah, like all of Iraq, will continue to resist. So to, we in the imperialist countries must resist imperialism and Zionism, standing as one with the Arab nation's resistance in Iraq and Palestine.

homepage: homepage: http://al-moharer.net

Fallujah is the ultimate example of the deception of Islam 30.Oct.2004 17:45

Matt Marriott

The heroes of Fallujah are totally abandoned by the muslim leaders worldwide. Worst, they are all, from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, collaborating with the NATO criminals that are slaughering the people of Iraq.