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"Osama Bin Laden is an opportunist, and he is obviously exploiting the potential of a U.S.-led war on Iraq in an effort to build his Al Qaeda network. Just as he has done with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Bin Laden is trying to take advantage of the increasing concern in the region about a preemptive war against Iraq and manipulate it to recruit more Al Qaeda members."

--Congressman Dennis Kucinich
February 11, 2003


January 22, 2002
President Discusses Energy, Economy in West Virginia

....THE PRESIDENT: A fellow came the other day to the office, and said, well, are you worried about Mr. bin Laden? I said, no, I'm not too worried about him. He's the guy that needs to be worried. (Laughter.) But I want to assure you, the objective is not bin Laden. Oh, we'll get bin Laden. (Applause.) There's only so many caves he can hide in, if he's still hiding in caves. My attitude was, once we get him running, it's just a matter of time before we bring him to justice.



March 2, 2004
VP Interview with Wolf Blitzer, CNN
The Vice President's Ceremonial Office

Q Let's cut to the chase -- sorry about that -- do you have confidence in George Tenet as the CIA Director?




Written Statement for the Record of the
Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet
Before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

March 24, 2004

The Status of the War on Terrorism
One month ago, on February 24, I presented to the Congress and the American people my annual worldwide threat assessment. I began that testimony with a stark bottom line on terrorism, and I will repeat it here today for you......

A decade ago, bin Ladin had a vision of rousing Islamic terrorists worldwide to attack the United States. He created al-Qa'ida to indoctrinate a worldwide movement in global jihad, with America as the enemy—an enemy to be attacked with every means at hand.

In the minds of Bin Ladin and his cohorts, September 11 was the shining moment, their "shot heard 'round the world," and they want to capitalize on it.

· Even catastrophic attacks on the scale of September 11 remain within al-Qa'ida's reach. Make no mistake—wherever these plots are hatched, they target US soil or that of our allies.

Al-Qa'ida's interest in chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons is strong. Acquiring these is a religious obligation in Bin Ladin's eyes. Al-Qa'ida and more than two dozen other terrorist groups are pursuing these materials. Over the last year, we have also seen an increase in the threat of more sophisticated weaponry. For this reason we take very seriously the threat of a chemical, biological, or radiological attack.

We particularly see a heightened risk of poison attacks. Contemplated delivery methods to date have been simple but this may change as non-al-Qa'ida groups share information on more sophisticated methods and tactics.
Extremists have widely disseminated assembly instructions for an improvised chemical weapon using common materials that could cause a large numbers of casualties in a crowded, enclosed area.
Although gaps in our understanding remain, we see al-Qa'ida's program to produce anthrax as one of the most immediate terrorist mass casualty threats we are likely to face.
Al-Qa'ida continues to pursue its strategic goal of obtaining a nuclear capability. It remains interested in dirty bombs. Terrorist documents contain accurate views of how such weapons would be used.
Let me repeat: for the growing number of jihadists interested in attacking the United States, a spectacular attack on the US Homeland is the brass ring that many strive for, with or without encouragement by al-Qa'ida's central leadership.



President Bush Commends Tenet
Remarks by the President on the Resignation of CIA Director George Tenet
The South Lawn
June 3, 2004

THE PRESIDENT: Today, George Tenet, the director of the CIA, submitted a letter of resignation. I met with George last night in the White House. I had a good visit with him. He told me was resigning for personal reasons. I told him I'm sorry he's leaving. He's done a superb job on behalf of the American people. I accepted his letter. He will serve at the CIA as the director until mid July, at which time the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John McLaughlin, will serve as the acting director.

George Tenet is the -- is the kind of public service you like -- servant you like to work with. He's strong. He's resolute. He served his nation as the director for seven years. He has been a strong and able leader at the agency. He's been a -- he's been a strong leader in the war on terror. And I will miss him. I send my blessings to George and his family. I look forward to working with him until the time he leaves the agency. And I wish him all the very best.

Thank you.

END 10:28 A.M. EDT



August 5, 2004
President Bush Discusses Iraq

THE PRESIDENT: We are safer -- we are safer and the world is better off because Saddam is sitting in a prison cell.



September 23, 2004
President Bush and Prime Minister Allawi Press Conference
The Rose Garden

Q: Mr. President, you say today that the work in Iraq is tough and will remain tough. And, yet, you travel this country and a central theme of your campaign is that America is safer because of the invasion of Iraq. Can you understand why Americans may not believe you?

PRESIDENT BUSH: No. Anybody who says that we are safer with Saddam Hussein in power is wrong. We went into Iraq because Saddam Hussein defied the demands of the free world. We went into Iraq after diplomacy had failed. And we went into Iraq because I understand after September the 11th we must take threats seriously, before they come to hurt us....

No, this world is better off with Saddam Hussein in prison.



October 1, 2004
Remarks by President Bush and Senator Kerry in First 2004 Presidential Debate

MODERATOR: New question, Mr. President, two minutes. What about Senator Kerry's point, the comparison he drew between the priorities of going after Osama bin Laden and going after Saddam Hussein?

THE PRESIDENT:...Of course, we're after Saddam Hussein -- I mean, bin Laden. He's isolated. Seventy-five percent of his people have been brought to justice. The killer in -- the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks, Khalid Shaykh Muhammad, is in prison. We're making progress. But the front on this war is more than just one place.



'Bin Laden' messages
October 29, 2001

....BIN LADEN: Concluding, I tell the American people: God willing, we will continue to fight you. We will continue the martyrdom operations inside and outside the United States until you end your injustice, abandon your stupidity, and curb your insolent fellows.


mom, educator, peace activist
Orange, CA U.S.A.
you all seem to be missing something 30.Oct.2004 14:31


just struggled through part of the 600 comments at dailykos but . . ..

 http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/10/301301.shtml Bin Laden's message to the US --- "We agreed with the leader of the group, Mohammed Atta, to perform all attacks within 20 minutes BEFORE [President George W.] Bush and his administration were aware of what was going on. And we never knew that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his people in the two towers to face those events by themselves when they were in the most urgent need of their leader." ------- the passage cited ought to be changed/ corrected to make any sense. ---- the word 'before' (put in caps above) ought to read after of course and can then be taken to mean the countering crew (yes they fucking well were hitting back at democrisy and good for all of us, the US not excluded for once) expected to be chased after 20:3 minutes!!!!!! ------- But Bush did a Hitleresque thing and let this equivalent of van der Lubbe (Reichstag set alighter) do as he planned and pleased. ------ Looks like Bin Laden is not adding any fuel to Bushfire this time though does it?

in other words:

Bin Laden: We had agreed with the chief amir [leader - of the 11 September hijackers] Mohammed Atta that he should accomplish all the operations within 20 minutes before Bush and his administration could take notice.

It never occurred to us that the supreme commander of the US armed forces would leave 50,000 of his citizens in the two towers to face those great horrors alone, at a time when they needed him badly.
that first line doesn't jive the second unless you change it to: . .. . .after bush was given notice . . . .. especially in combination with the mention of having 3 times as much time as expected; hence he expected some americans to have 20 minus some minutes to scram and others 20:3 to try and shoot the plane out of the air or throw a lasso around it's nose or something. ---- Storal of the mory: Not all cowboys and camel riders were created equal ..

812993 100.000 Iraqis died (The lancet - that's probably not even counting sanction misery) ::: see juancole.com comment; found at lbo-talk 1025/024542.html -- He says the US killed about a one third as many Iraqis in 18 months as it took Saddam to kill in 24 YEARS!!!!!