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Shilo Inn Picks Up Where Sinclair Leaves Off

a class for the working class

This is a new service. We will expose corporations that are bad. Bad for labor, Bad for the environment, and Bad for Civil Rights.

Welcome to this course. We will rely on class participation as we learn about corporations, good and bad, and how we can build a just world.

Class #1: Shilo Inns delivered today. (X-TRA CREDIT given to students who can identify other Hemstreet endeavors which attack the working class)

Class #2: Jeld-Wen Corporation. Coming soon (X-TRA CREDIT Given to students who can investigate this corporation that exploits the working class). Who is dick?  http://www.jeld-wen.com/
Proposals for future Corporations to be exposed: Coca Cola, Walmart, SSA, and more...

What corporation do you nominate? XTRA CREDIT ALWAYS is Given to investigative projects and those who do homework that esposes this corporate world's agenda to exploit the working class.

a class for the working class

--Class #1--
Shilo Inn Picks Up Where Sinclair Leaves Off

Mark Hemstreet, owner of the Hotel chain, Shilo Inns and long-time enemy of Oregon's labor unions, has begun showing the anti-Kerry documentary, "Stolen Honor" for free at it's hotel in Salem. This, after Sinclair Broadcast Group's right-wing owner cancelled plans to show the movie on 62 television stations. Sinclair pulled back thanks to dropping stock and public pressure.

To contact Shilo's marketing department and let them know what you think about Shilo showing a movie that includes lies, mistruths and exagerattions all designed to trash the reputation of a genuine war hero.

Here's the email address to make your voice heard:
FOR XTRA CREDIT 30.Oct.2004 17:33


There's so many corporations to nominate! I've assembled a list just within Lane County. It's a work-in-progress.

When I came across an Earth First! quote, names and addresses and phone #s were added. Give them a call!

See the list at  http://www.freewebs.com/lanecounty/chosenones.htm