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Critical Mass bike rides busted up by cops in Portland and Corvallis

[Corvallis]--As a group of 20 bikers or so took to the streets in Corvallis on Friday the 29th of October, I was rather pleasantly surprised the COVALLIS PO PO was nowhere to be found. Therefore, the group pedaled gleefully throughout the streets of Corvallis with overwhelming warm receptiveness from bystanders and community members.

The CM lasted for about an hour and then like clockwork the flashy squad cars pull up and officer ROOKIE leaps out of his moving car and orders the crowd of 20 peddlers to immediately stop.

[Portland]--this months ride started out with (i didnt do a head count) 200-300 cyclists?
anyways it was a really good turn out
and as usual the police also had a good turn out (good for them bad for us)
we got to ride for 10-15 minutes without a problem
then the police came down on us mass ticketing and even arrests

[Portland]--It is past the time to take some form of legal and/or subversive action against the City of Portland and their aggressive rude police bureau that continues to practice illegal discriminatory tactics against Critical Mass. The Halloween ride was just the culmination of the months of oppressive police tactics that often have no judicial support. Last night there were the standard trumped up citations, unwarrented physical 'attacks' and arrests, disruptions to the bystanding society at the expense of fun loving cyclists celebrating their legal right to ride en mass, and an arrogant over-reactive motorcyle crazed police wing.

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critical mass drawing
critical mass drawing