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instant ninja

Patience is 'sunlight' to vampires.

instant ninja


To give a vampire (A.K.A. a 'troll') your time is to 'feed' it. Some vampires would use the excuse of- "I'm, only, offering contrast, so that one may see the truth more clearly."- though, what they are doing, actually, is practicing their distraction, hoping to master it so that they can say they 'achieved' something. They (the vampires) are also, subconsciously, hoping to have their vampirism mastered so that they need not resort to it any more (essentially, they're looking for help- though any who cannot help will be eaten).

So, if you're going to feed a vampire, give it the gift of patience so that it may see a beauty greater than their laziness.

patience be with you

Patience is 'sunlight' to vampires.

lol 30.Oct.2004 22:19


They are shadows...there is only E.

They'd have some fun with me.

I'm like water, gentle and calm, until the stars align just in the right way.

Even the devil has nightmares...