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Critical Mass Turns into Citation Festival in Corvallis

Please read on to the main paragraph. A group of 20 or so cyclist in critical mass received citations for disorderly conduct by the Corvallis Police Department.
We could use your help
As a group of 20 bikers or so took to the streets in Corvallis on Friday the 29th of October, I was rather pleasantly surprised the COVALLIS PO PO was nowhere to be found.

Therefore, the group pedaled gleefully throughout the streets of Corvallis with overwhelming warm receptiveness from bystanders and community members.
The CM lasted for about an hour and then like clockwork the flashy squad cars pull up and officer ROOKIE leaps out of his moving car and orders the crowd of 20 peddlers to immediately stop.

WOW, was this clown was about to yank his steel out of his shorts and start dispersing the obedient crowd of 20 bikers... ..
The Rookie is screaming, "You can't do this, hoot'en and hollering at people, blocking traffic, and throwing things."

1st off chief, yes we can "hoot and holler," "ride our bikes in unison while obeying traffic laws, and nobody was throwing shit."
Apparently, a concern citizen has never experience a group of 20 or so cyclist riding down a paved road together. Therefore, this citizen felt compelled to call up the "protect and serve" public agency and complain about this matter.
After the sixth or seventh squad car pulled up, the lead chief brainstormed the concept that everybody would receive a citation for disorderly conduct.

Are you fucking kidding, Disorderly Conduct!

Our court date is Nov. 18th at 2:00pm. So if anyone would like to show up and support us, we would love to have your company. Or, if there is an attorney that would like to represent us that would be much appreciated. This publicly display of fascism by the Corvallis Police Department has to be addressed.

Location of Court Date
120 NW 4th St.
Room 213
Corvallis, OR 97330
Nov. 18th 2:00pm
Strange 30.Oct.2004 14:57


When bunches of cars cause gridlock at rush hour, are they arrested and cited for "disorderly conduct?"

any photo's? 30.Oct.2004 19:48



Disorderly? 01.Nov.2004 13:40


How much more orderly can a group of bicyclists be? I mean, wasn't this a planned, and therefore orderly, event? I think perhaps the objection is to blocking traffic. You have a right to bicycle on the streets of Corvallis. You have a right to assemble. People are just mad that Cars have to cede the right of way to a bike that moves at a slower pace. Joe Public is angry that your bike has right of way over his $30,000.00 luxury vehicle. Fight it.

arrestees organize! 04.Nov.2004 15:04

another CCMer robbinsb@onid.orst.edu

Anyone out there who was arrested please lets get together and work together. we all have the same court date, we should unanimously delclare not guilty. Unfortuneately there are a couple people out of the 13 arrested who the rest of us have no contact with. please post here and lets meet up before the 18th.

Also i just posted another announcement of this arrest asking for advice. there is a great post about what SF CM did to end the police harassment there. what we are experiencing here is absolutely harassment and we need to fight it, indeed take it beyond trumping a DC charge, but promote, popularize, and humanize CM while enrolling the community in CM, as supporters if not riders.

there is an event on peak oil at the oddfellows hall nov 17 at 7pm, the eve of our court date, where we will be making a call for solidarity at the court. We should make every effort to get some councilors and community members in the court in our support. Lets show the police, and the court, there is no support for CM and bicycle persecution in the Heart of the Valley.

peace, keep on riding!
and get in contact with us!

a call to solidarity 05.Nov.2004 16:10

bookmaster getdown briankeuneke@netscape.com

yes ben,
this injustice has to be stopped, it seems that all parties envolved are working diligently to fight this backwards citation. I just want to promote more than anything that people continue to come. The more people we have the more powerful our presence. We are talking about making cards with bicycle rights on them. Handing them out before each ride would ensure that everyone have something productive to contribute to the conversation with officers, should one occur. I think that critical mass can be a peaceful ride and still make a statement. I think that a lot of the boisterous behavior puts a lot of people off. Granted, it is also important that the purpose of our presence be known.

come one come all 24.Nov.2004 13:16


I want it to be clear that we will not stop holding CM in corvallis, I am asking anyone who cares about the way they are treated on their bikes to come out and ride. Let's change this from "a bunch of punk kids", to a bunch of concerned bicycle advocates. I would like to see 100 people, but i would be content with 40. It's gonna be every last friday at 5:30, that means in a couple of days.

Court Date - Result 22.Dec.2004 10:57


I understand that the court date was November 18. What was the outcome? I truly support you in keeping up the bike riding in the orderly fashion that you have. KUDOS too all of you!!