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Alert: "YesBushCan.com" now says "no, Bush can't!"

I received this from the team at YesBushCan.com, it is hard to your back on someone you placed your faith in, however, America is more important to YesBushCan.com. America is waking up...
A week ago, we sent you an email asking for help debunking anti-Bush
documents. After receiving hundreds of responses, it become clear that
all the documents were actually real: the Bush/Cheney DUIs, the Ken Lay
letters, and even the bin Laden memo. For more information visit the
documents page:

We also received hundreds of emails from concerned bloggers that
eloquently expressed the problems with the Bush administration. And as
we traveled across America campaigning for Bush, we learned more than
we wanted to know about Bush's policies. We came to see that this
administration is a catastrophe for most people.

As a result, we are abandoning our support of Bush and officially
endorsing John Kerry for President. You can read more at the Yes Bush Can web
We deeply regret our misguided support and apologize for our previous
email. This will be the last email we will send directly to bloggers.
If you want to join us in supporting Kerry, you can find out more here:

Thank you for your understanding,

Yes Bush Can

Website:  http://www.yesbushcan.com/
Act:  http://www.yesbushcan.com/act.shtml

"Yes, Bush Can" now says "no, Bush can't!"

Yes, Bush Can, an independent group dedicated to communicating Bush policies directly to the public, has abandoned its campaign and is officially endorsing John Kerry for President.

Before changing sides, the Yes, Bush Can team drove around the country supporting the President in a campaign bus they had equipped with sound and light systems, confetti cannons, and various props and costumes. They gave dozens of stump speeches, distributed campaign videos and "USA Patriot Pledges," and performed patriotic songs to audiences across the country. (See  http://www.yesbushcan.com/media.shtml and  http://www.yesbushcan.com/pledge.shtml.)

Last week, the group officially split with Bush. "In the course of our travels, we ended up learning more about Bush's policies than he wanted us to know," said Harmon Spellmeyer, one of the Yes, Bush Can team. "We came to see that this administration is a catastrophe for most people."

Before breaking with Bush, the Yes, Bush Can team worked earnestly to support him. They went to the Pacific Northwest to promote Bush's Healthy Forests Initiative--and discovered it was enabling the logging industry to cut down our last old-growth forests. They visited a nuclear power plant in Ohio to promote Bush's domestic security policies--and found no one in the guard booth to meet them. In western Pennsylvania, while promoting the President's energy policy, they learned that it allows coal emissions which kill 23,000 people a year. Finally, while defending Bush's war on terrorism, they found out that even Donald Rumsfeld feels the Iraq War has made the world a more dangerous place.

After many similar discoveries and much internal turmoil, the Yes, Bush Can group arrived at the difficult conclusion that they could not continue their work. At a press conference Tuesday, in order to demonstrate how profoundly they are rejecting their former boss's ideas and policies, they defaced and abandoned the campaign bus they had purchased and outfitted.

Until the election, the former Bush campaigners will be doing all they can to make sure that Bush is prevented from winning the presidency. They will be joining many thousands of others in going door-to-door to "get out the vote" in cities throughout Florida--beginning with Jacksonville, a mostly Black city where 11,000 votes were never counted in 2000. (Statewide, 179,000 votes weren't counted, more than half of them Black. 90% of Blacks voted for Gore.)

The former Yes, Bush Can team recommends the following websites to those who wish to help "get out the vote":


To canvas by phone, visit  http://www.partyforamerica.org/phone/ or  http://calls.johnkerry.com/. Send a "vote" eCard at  http://www.aflcio.org/familyfunresources/ecards/. To offer financial support to "get out the vote" efforts, visit  http://acthere.com/gotv-contribute/ or  https://www.democrats.org/support/.

Finally, visit the Yes, Bush Can website to follow the Yes, Bush Can team as they join thousands of others in helping make sure that Bush can do no more damage to America's economy, security, and dignity.

Hmmm.... 29.Oct.2004 23:11

Fat Jared

Hmmm... me thinks that something is stinky with this story.
I can't stand it when the other side tries wierd/false tactics to drive home a point...it's even worse when my own side pulls BS.
I apologize in advance if I'm mistaken, but... this sure seems like a setup.

Well, actually... 29.Oct.2004 23:14


... that group always said 'no, Bush can't".

It was a phony "pro-" Bush group run by The Yes Men. You know, the guys who had someone lecture to a meeting of capitalist big-shots on how slavery made economic sense, the ones that unveiled the giant-golden-phallus outfit at another such confabulation.

Follow the link on this comment for an _LA Weekly_ article about "Yes Bush Can".

yes men are funny 30.Oct.2004 03:15


and they do sometimes make republicans think about different points of view. It's a real hard job to do that, and it's such a good thing, especially when they were on th tv and when they did those speeches:D giggle