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Let's Boil it Down "Mr. Republican"

Are you "really" a republican?
1) Do you have more than 5 million dollars in savings?
2) Are you an executive of a corporation that is polluting the air,
or a river, or the earth?
3) Do you own a company that is being unpatriotic in any way .....
moving your production off-shore, or moving your headquarters
to an off-shore post office box, or outsourcing your work to
third world countries?
4) Do you own a company that does business with corporations such
as just mentioned.....say a law firm, or newspaper or TV station that
sells ads for them?
5) Are you going to be able to pull strings in the State Government to
keep your sons and daughters and grandchildren from fighting in
Iraq, or possibly other such "democracy giving" wars?

Then, the chances are large that you are not a Republican and may
someday regret voting as one. I would guess that not more than 10%
of people are in any of the catagories mentioned above, but yet the
polls show an even match in this election

One of our most popular Presidents - Eisenhower - warned
us - "Beware of the Military Industrial Complex". Well,
according to The Center for Public Integrity
(www.publicintegrity.com ) nine members of the Bush
Administration are making millions of dollars from the
invasion of Iraq. I will not mention their names here, I
only wish to remind you that the Military Industrial Complex
now occupies the White House.

Please, ask yourself if you are "really" a Republican!
c'mon "Denny Burbeck" we got the message - GIVE IT A REST. 29.Oct.2004 18:55

pretty please

For All Republicans 27.Oct.2004 22:59

Let's Boil it Down "Mr. Republican" 25.Oct.2004 16:47

Let's Boil it Down "Mr. Republican" 23.Oct.2004 08:04

no rest 29.Oct.2004 20:24


So we should just give up and go to hating the pseudo republican wannabes?

Mr Burbeck keeps hitting the nail right on the head. Most of the republican voters I know believe firmly in trickle down economics. Most of these folks believe in the dead christian God. Most believe Mr Reagan was a hero of some sort as well. And most of them don't KNOW their ass from a gopher hole.
We've got our work cut out for us. Until this group wakes up and collectively realizes that REPUBLICANS DO NOT GO TO WORK AND HOME TO A RENTAL, we will all remain subject to the ignorant roughshod trampling of a manic herd out of control because it senses its demise. And BTW, He's gone and folks he ain't comin back to save you. Thats up to you. I prefer knowledge and experience over worn out belief systems. So I cannot possibly subscribe to fundamentalism which requires denial of my own being to fit in. NO WAY!

I have not met one intelligent person who claims to be republican. I am sad. Political debate requires a lot more research and such then is practiced by those I hear saying "I wish this would just be OVER". Enlightened democracy is not a spectator sport that Joe Sixpack or Betty butter Buns can be entertained by. They support killing "sandy" for their gas. Then lie about that too. ALWAYS. Usually the killing of said "furners" is attributed to that evil ol' Sadam. And run around talking about "Terriss" as cause of their fear and loathing. Supporting each other in this crap is all they need. Thats all.

Giving it a rest is the same as not fully funding "no child left behind".

We are a mostly a nation of greedy petroleum addicted monster children who are in denial of such. My republican friends want to maintain the "happy daze" americana trip. They listen to Large Larson and his ilk and marginalize any independant thought as liberal. The only hope is to keep on hammering at this until the sad group realizes that they are not going to benefit from any give aways to even greedier masters. It trickes down as far as the big fat Rolex around overlords wrist and usually stops there. And you know it.

That lame trip absolutely depends upon an increasing supply of petroleum products to provide remedy for the emptiness that such a hollow lie leaves on a being who falls for it. . . .. am I wrong? They see global warming as a lie to be ignored as another "Terriss" threat to our "great nation" WAKE UP!