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Green Anarchy #18 (Fall/Winter 2004) Is Now Available!

The Fall/Winter 2004 Issue of Green Anarchy Magazine is out!
Green Anarchy #18 (Fall/Winter 2004) Is Now Available!

Can 2004 really be coming to a close already? Have five years really passed since the teargas and broken glass-filled days and nights of Seattle? Wasn't this all supposed to have crashed by now? Youthful optimism and naivete grow steadily into a more serious focus, as the analysis of, and actions against, the civilized logic become stronger. Phrases like "the destruction of civilization and the reconnection to life" become deeper and more complex, but remain at least as potent.

One subject, which has often been underplayed (at times seeming almost absent) in a green anarchist critique, is that of "class struggle". Not that it is unimportant, but often avoided in reaction to the overly simplistic and marxist-driven perspective of the Left. In this issue, however, "class" is tackled from various insurrectionary, primitivist, and personal perspectives. We offer no "unified" conclusions, only a sampling of ideas from which to draw inspiration from in our daily struggles against the institutions of control and domestication and our separation from life.

We did get a submission from NEFAC (Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists), the self-described contemporary experts on the subject of "revolutionary class struggle", but have chosen not to print it because of its lack of any relevance to an anti-civilization perspective. It basically re-hashes the same old stuff that appears in NEFAC's dust-covered propaganda, while also advocating for "organic farming" and "alternative, intermediate, convivial, humanistic, community, or liberatory technology" which is "as democratic as possible", and slapping "anti-civilization" onto the title. Did they really think this would get past us? While we do have a critique of language, we can read! They could have at least left out the Kropotkin quotes, or not have so solidly declared their allegiance to the Left. Anyway, with all the contributions we received, many of which we were unable to print simply due to space considerations, we certainly were not going to make room for more of the same unoriginal leftism.

One subject which unfortunately doesn't get addressed in this issue, and which we will certainly get to in the future, is the socialization of the upper-middle and upper classes, and how this relates to our micro-worlds, communities, scenes, etc. Too often, those coming from these backgrounds refuse to deal with their baggage, and like other forms of privilege, bring a sense of entitlement and power over others. Some of us, quite frankly, are a little tired of those who continually point out only others' privilege, while never really perceiving the deeply engrained power dynamics they reproduce because of their own class background. Domination is domination, control is control, and power is power. They come in many forms, and are intermingled with our experiences. We cannot measure oppression in some sort of quantitative way, as some have suggested, with reactionary and leftist concepts like a "privilege pyramid"; but instead, power needs to be recognized, analyzed, undermined, and destroyed in all of its forms. We are all suffering from different roles and forms of socialization (even the upper class, although it's harder for some of us to have much compassion there), and a lot of shit needs to be broken down, within and all around us, before we can live more healthy and egalitarian lives.

On a general note, we are very pleased and thankful that people have continued to appreciate and support this project. We have received lots of help from our call for financial assistance, and therefore have been able to preserve the quality and comprehensiveness of Green Anarchy, at least for one more issue. We are determined to maintain the free prisoner subscriptions and continue to provide as many free copies around the world as possible, provided people remain as generous as they have recently been. Our means to keep up with the growing interest in this project depends on you. GA is volunteer run, and, along with some generous help, we put in much of our own dwindling resources to sustain this project. To keep us going from issue to issue, we desperately need more folks to become subscribers, hold benefits, or at least pay the mailing costs on copies received. Perhaps most importantly, we need generous patrons who can help underwrite this project.

We also want to announce that, due partially to financial concerns, but more relating to a realistic assessment of our capabilities (and to avoid burn-out), we are reducing our publishing schedule to three times a year. We actually feel really good about this. Green Anarchy has become our lives, and that is great, but we want to be able to spend a little more time engaged in other forms of resistance and with the ones we love. This will allow us a few more weeks each issue for other priorities and our own physical, mental, and spiritual health. It won't make a significant difference in this project, just an additional month between issues. Content and consistency will remain the same. Our new schedule will be Fall/Winter issue (early November), Spring (early March), and Summer (early July). The theme for our next issue (#19) is "Indigenous Resistance to Civilization" and the deadline for contributions is January 1st, 2005.

In wildness and resistance,

The Green Anarchy Collective

Issue #18 features:

"To Produce or To Not Produce?" by Kevin Tucker, " The Swelling of Leeches" by The Cocktail Furies, "Thirteen Notes on Class Struggle for Discussion" by sasha k, "Class Struggle: The Reformation of Kings" by Theresa Kintz, "A Surrounding for Us to Live Within" by A friend of Ludd, "The birth and death of the worker" by zach fredell, "The Modern Anti-World" by John Zerzan, "You Won't Find Me on Friendster" by Sphinx, "When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails?", "Failure To Appear at The Trial: Reclaiming Franz Kafka for Anarchy", "Jacques Camatte And the new politics of Liberation (Part I)" by Dave Antagonism, "Space and Capital" by Alfredo Bonanno, "Class Dismissed" by Rob los Ricos, "Operation Civilization: The War That Is All Wars" by Agni Saura, "About getting free from the myth of Revolution" by Pablo A., "Now What? A Primitivist Strategy Proposal" by RedWolfReturns, "A Look At the Feral Visions Gathering" by Felonious Skunk, "Why Shall We Meet?", "A Message from Anti-Civilization Anarchists in Turkey", "The Scandinavian Travels of an Insurrectionary Green Anarcho-Nihilist" by Felonious Skunk, "The Error of Correction", Recommended Readings on Class Struggle, The Nihilist's Dictionary #3-Culture, "The Garden Of Peculiarities: Fragment 14", "News from the Balcony with Waldorf and Statler, Earth Liberation reports, Anti-genetics Actions, Anarchist Resistance, Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Colonial Battles, Prisoner Escapes, Mutinies, and Revolts, Indigenous and Campasino Resistance, Symptoms of the System's Meltdown, State Repression News, Reviews, Letters, Enlarged Distro, and more!

Pages: 88
Print run: 8000


Here are the rates for a 5 Issue Subscription:

U.S. - $18, Canada - $22, Europe - $28,
and the rest of the planet - $32

Send well-concealed cash, postal money orders or checks in U.S. currency made out to Green Anarchy.

PO Box 11331, Eugene, OR 97440.

email us at:  collective@greenanarchy.org
with any questions or orders.


Here are the rates for distribution:


Quantity of 1- 49 copies - $1.75 per copy

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*You sell it for $3-4 per copy and keep the extra money for yourself.


Sending large quantities of Green Anarchy costs a lot of money and takes time. We ask that people pay the same rates as above but add about 30% more money for postage. We will send packages out as cheap as possible (usually surface) unless specifically requested by you to send it air mail.

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homepage: homepage: http://www.greenanarchy.org

its about time 31.Oct.2004 13:28


its about time.
why did you make us wait so long for the new issue?

Go fuck yourselves 31.Oct.2004 15:28


"Too often, those coming from these backgrounds refuse to deal with their baggage, and like other forms of privilege, bring a sense of entitlement and power over others."

Ha ha, very funny, assholes. Way too ironic.