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Cobb to finish with "California Greenin'" Tour

David Cobb will end his Presidential Campaign with a campaign through his home state of California. Here is campaign info for the final days.

Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb will wind up his 2004 presidential campaign by spending four days cruising the length of his adopted state in an energy efficient hybrid car. Cobb's "California Greenin'" tour begins Saturday in Pomona and will end on Election Day when he casts his ballot in Eureka for the presidential ticket of the fastest growing political party in America: the Green Party.

"I encourage the people of California to invest their votes in the Green Party and not waste them on candidates who support illegal and immoral wars," said Cobb.

Cobb's Golden State California Greenin' itinerary is as follows:


3--5 p.m. Cobb visits the Regenerative Co-operative of Pomona, an energy efficient house, following a 1p.m. screening of "End of Suburbia", to discuss oil depletion, the energy crisis and local and global sustainable alternatives.

79 p.m. Cobb attends a House Party for Green 29th District Congressional candidate Philip Koebel in Alhambra.


101 p.m. Fundraiser/Brunch in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley with local Green candidates Adrienne Prince, State Assembly, and Stuart Bechman, Congress.

2:304:30 Press conference on the steps of Santa Barbara City Hall.

79 p.m. Dessert fundraising event in San Luis Obispo with Green candidates Tom Hutchings, State Assembly, and Orval Osborne, City Council.


910 a.m. Cobb live on KKUP-FM call-in radio show in Santa Clara

Noon- 1p.m. Speech at Stanford Univeristy, Mitchell Earth Sciences Building, Room B67.

3--5 p.m. Press Conference in San Francisco with Susan King, candidate for Supervisor, 484 Frederick St, followed by campaigning on Haight St.

49 p.m. Events with local candidates in San Francisco TBA.


710 a.m. Bay Area media and interviews.

11:4512:30 Campaign event in Cotati, Sonoma County.

12:305 p.m. An energy efficient drive home to Eureka.

5 p.m. Cobb holds Eureka press conference and votes for peace.

"The schedule for the last four days of the campaign reflects the importance of California to the Green Party and our strategy. 65 Greens hold office in California right now and 84 Greens are candidates. Our strategy is to build and grow the Green Party and we are going to California to do everything we can to support these candidates," said Blair Bobier, Media Director for the Cobb-LaMarche campaign.

The two-party presidential candidates are ignoring California, the nation's most populous and diverse state, and are instead focused on voters in swing states.

"We will not ignore a state simply because it is not 'in play' for the two establishment parties in this election. California is important to the Green Party and the Green Party plays a vital role in this state. We are committed to offering Californians an opportunity to vote for peace and for bringing our troops home from Iraq as fast as they can be safely transported. A vote for David Cobb and Patricia LaMarche is also a vote invested in a future where everyone has the right to health care and a living wage," said Cobb.

"A big vote in California for Cobb-LaMarche would make a definite impact. Since California's electoral votes will unquestionably go to John Kerry, progressives from all parties should feel empowered to send a message that they want to end the occupation of Iraq by voting for peace and Cobb-LaMarche," said Bobier.

To schedule an interview with David Cobb on his California Greenin' Tour, contact Blair Bobier at 541.929.5755 or 414.364.1596.

For more information about the Cobb-LaMarche campaign, see  http://www.votecobb.org.

Information about the Green Party of the United States can be found at  http://www.gp.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.votecobb.org