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The USA Patriot Act 'knows no borders'

Canadian law intended to deal with USA Patriot Act imposes huge fines for companies with U.S. parents for disclosing private information on Canadians, while American Courts are authorized to force the same companies to cough up the info. Which legal system and which court order facing a company will prevail? Weird...
Canadian companies often are branch offices of American corporations and the government and corporations also practice outsourcing of data processing, which either moves data on Canadian citizens to the United States, or relies on American subsidiaries to process such data. Under the terms of the Patriot Act in the United States, the FBI can be secretly authorized by a secret court to view any information on any American citizen including the records of private businesses. The Patriot Act grants the American government sweeping powers related to the access of this information, while Canadian governments are passing strict laws with million dollar fines for any company which, in response to an American court order, divulges any information on any Canadian citizen to the American government. This leads to the possibility of 'dueling legal systems' each issuing conflicting court orders.

Provincial governments in Canada have outsourced the processing of databases to American subsidiaries. In Ontario 'welfare' has been outsourced to a private corporation. Certain credit card companies have found a solution to the problem of possible court room conflicts by requiring credit card holders to sign an agreement allowing release of information required by an American court order.

The British Columbia report drew submissions from countries around the world, as the problem is not confined to Canada but rather is considered international in scope. The United States legal system also is said to have a history of ignoring the laws of other countries, even when access to information required by the courts is not actually physcially located in the United States, and this being the case, it would certainly be true that American courts would ignore foreign laws when the information has been physically 'outsourced' to the United States.

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true 29.Oct.2004 14:32


Other countries watch US companies bully their way into areas.

For example, Ratheon is in my home city, other than the fact that innocent people would get hurt, it would now be a crator.

We have watched Du Pont murder people through chemical pollution, in fact, an entire senior team sent to dismantel a site, **ALL** died from a rare form of Alziehmers and the UK health board is known to covering up the evidence.

Look at AMEX, rip off credit card company number one!!!!

Have you seen the interest rates on that card???


American International companies are viewed, straight across the world, as 'thieving murders'.

There is no question on that attitude, Europe's culture makes it very socialist at its core. This is direct contrast to America's captialistic drive, which we see a 'murder your kid, for a buck' lifestyle.


Say, What? 11.Aug.2006 08:03


What kind of hypocritical comments are these? - Remember, Portland, Oregon is in the US. Also, whether you are a US citizen or not, it's time you know...Other countries overall are NOT better than the US. There is also much good in the US. And, the US doesn't have total, or even majority ownership of "bad". In fact, you will actually find more of that elsewhere. - That is, if you open your eyes etc.