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forms of photo id obtainable in portland (alternatives to dmv)

i am seeking experiential-based information re: the breadth and alternative sources of widely acceptable (legal) photo identification; in and/or around portland, oregon (us)
i am hoping to apply for and eventually attain contracted employment (as a teacher) overseas. ("get me OUT OF HERE!") my wonderful building manager has apparently taken from my apartment all my cash and identification (cards) and... this is the saddest part, guys: MY PASSPORT. and so begins the alltoofamiliartomenow process of "becoming an identity," again. from the ground up i need to re-establish as cheaply as possible photocard picture identification and was wondering if anyone knows from firsthand (even passport services related) experience....: *what is the fullest extent of possibly acceptable photo id cards one can acquire, without specialized occupational or government/military position (i'm just a uni student). alternatives to DMV IDs must be brought into forefront for so many reasons, but it would be interesting to have any information as to perhaps not-commonly-known ID card formats (of course, because this will all be for passport services and i am in NO WAY interested in "faking my identity" or fooling anyone in asking this question....) *iff are ones that NOT on the DMV site shown as proof of ID - let us hear from you, in post reply. while i do understand the utility of having a ODL (if you drive, i don't) and i undestand that identity theft has destroyed out once precious trust in the system that names us.....i still must whine, i must: ("i SWEAR i'm me! i SWEAR, i SWEAR! i'm ME! SEE?! ME! i SWEAR it's me i'm ME!") etc.
my two cents 29.Oct.2004 13:08


To obtain a photo ID, you need to present several non-photo ID's. Here are a couple that you could probably get your hands on:
A voter registration card. This counts as ID and you don't need any ID to get one. If you are already registered to vote but lost your card, just get a new one from the county elections office.
Call the Social Security office and ask for a new card. They have to give you one, and it should take under a month.
Do you have a bank statement, a utility bill, or paycheck? Any of these things can help prove your identity.
So get a collection of these non-photo ID's, and then you should be able to acquire a photo ID. Like a passport. Sorry I can't help you in where, specifically, to get such an ID. Student ID's are usually good for something. You could volunteer for Indymedia and get a press pass. That's all I got.

ID 29.Oct.2004 13:17


As a non-driver, you can get a State of Oregon ID card through the DMV.  http://www.odot.state.or.us/dmv/DriverLicensing/licensing.htm

If your passport was stolen, you can get it replaced. You'll need government issued ID to get the passport.

If you know who stole your ID you better do something about it or risk having it come back to haunt you later.

There really are no secret methods to make it cheaper or less annoying.

Not really your passport 29.Oct.2004 15:49

Mr. Pop

Tell your slimeball manager that your passport is the property of the U.S. government (p. 5, para 2), and that if he doesn't return it to you, the DSS boys will be kicking in his door.