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Just remember what the repuglican nazi party did here in America, killed Americans!

Think about it! Anthorax, the late Senator Paul Wellstone, and other good Americans to get control of our Government and start dismantling the United States Contitution, and taking away our Civil Liberties.
With the election coming up on tuesday of next week, we Americans need to realize the what, who, how and whatever these thugs are willing to do to steal the election once again.

We need to confront the thugs before they start challenging the right of people of color to cast their vote. We need to put these criminals in their place once and for all. If it thats taking them out, than do it, cause if you don't they will win and we American Citizens will lose. They can not get awawy with this criminal activity anymore.
yo 29.Oct.2004 14:19


when you compare the republican party to the nazi party it deminishes the srtuggle that jewish people went through under the nazi rule. It shows insensativity to the struggles that people face today.
everyone: stop the nazi bullshit

Say what? 29.Oct.2004 16:23


The comparisons need to be made. Both of these parties are destructive to life, freedom, justice and dignity. Sorry if it bothers you. Maybe you should be more concerned.